It's True, Grocery Shopping Can Be Fun

charlie groceriesCall me crazy, but I love grocery shopping.  It’s my zen.

I’ll sneak out with one of the boys early on Saturday morning and wander the aisles for nearly 2 hours picking up rations for the week.

I don’t know how to turn on the laundry machine, my wife couldn’t tell you what a good price for bananas is. In our division of household tasks, I cook and she cleans.

The grocery store is such a great and creative place. The ingredients to create anything in the food world I right there. There’s seaweed to roll sushi at home, spices for exotic curries, and all sorts of colours, smells and inspiration around every corner.

The best part about the weekend ritual is spending it with the kids. Notice I said I bring “one of the boys”. I’ve tried 2-on-1 and it’s hectic, but taking one along is a great father-son moment. You may not like grocery shopping, but it can be a great life lesson learning experience for your kids.

  • Where’s Waldo 1 of 7
    Where's Waldo
    The boys have been coming with me so often, they're learning where things are in the store. I can say "we need ice cream", and they'll run right to aisle.
  • Math 2 of 7
    Count the bananas before you put them in the buggy. We need 5 each week. If we pick a bunch with 4, it's a chance to ask how many more we need for 5.
  • Colors 3 of 7
    When they were younger, I'd ask them to help find the red peppers, or the green banans etc.
  • Co-operation 4 of 7
    Grocery shopping is a team effort. You have to work together to get the job done.
  • Sorting 5 of 7
    When we pack the bags, my son helps keep the cold things together, and learns what's breakable.
  • Listening 6 of 7
    I'll often let the kids go free range when we're in the grocery store. It's a chance for them to have some freedom and show they can listen to stay near.
  • Help With Meal Planning 7 of 7
    Help With Meal Planning
    One of the ways people say to combat picky eaters is to let them help make the meals. Bringing my kids to the grocery store takes it one step beyond, and they can see all the ingredients that go in to each meal. You'll be surprised what catches their eye.

At the end of a job well done, I give the guys a high-five and let them keep the coin I have to use for the grocery cart to put in the piggy bank at home.

Do you bring the kids grocery shopping?

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