Kid Things My Kids Won't Participate In: Face Painting

7 Cool Face Paintings for KidsI have this list of things I really want to do with my kids. There is nothing totally outside the normal with my kid bucket list, but is really just filled with the typical kid things you would think would take place in childhood.

A few things on the list that we have already checked off is to take them to a firework show, to an air show, to go to the zoo to see real life animals and to get their face painted (plus a whole lot more). These are all what you would consider typical things that so many children get to experience — and each of those I have been able to do with my kids.

The only thing that’s weird about it is — they hated all three of those things for different reasons and face painting was one that I never imagined they would hate as much as they did.

It was a few years ago and I attempted to have them take part in this typical childhood thing twice. TWICE and both times, both Speed and Raru refused.

I am talking full on tantrum, screaming, crying-like-I-was -trying-to-hurt-them scream.

Speed more than Raru and it all stems to his total dislike in getting dirty. He doesn’t like “gross things” touching his face or his hair or hands or feet. It can make things like face painting totally torturous for both of us (me for the screaming and him for the DO NOT DO THIS TO ME fear he has).

I have crossed it off our list and won’t bring the subject up to him for a few more years — for both our sakes. It’s too bad though because there are some pretty cute ideas that would be so much fun (especially with Halloween coming up) if only he would try.

  • Pink Lion 1 of 7
    Pink Lion
    An adorable look for a girl who wants to be fierce, but still wants her signature color (if it's pink)
    Photo credit: riverartscenter/Flickr
  • Super Hero 2 of 7
    Super Hero
    A cool look for a little boy who loves Spiderman.
    Photo credit: L2F1/Flickr
  • KISS 3 of 7
    Classic rocker look.
    Photo credit: Shezamm/Flickr
  • Lion 4 of 7
    Be the most feared mammal and look awesome doing it.
    Photo credit: Shezamm/Flickr
  • Avatar 5 of 7
    Inspired by the movie Avatar, look like you belong right there.
    Photo credit: Shezamm/Flickr
  • Princess 6 of 7
    Such a pretty look -- love the jewels across the forehead.
    Photo credit:
  • Star 7 of 7
    Go right out there and do something totally interesting and not typical.
    Photo credit: abidavis/Flickr

Photo credit: Shezamm / Flickr


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