Kid, What's With the Hair?

Meet my son, Boy Wonder. Now meet the mop on his head.

I love this kid to bits but I’m having a really hard time understanding why this shaggy/longish/nobody-owns-me looking hair matters so much to him. I suspect he’d tell me his hair was a form of artistic expression if he knew what that meant.

The battle over Boy Wonder’s hair has gone on for quite some time. My husband can’t stand it, especially the long sideburns he insists on combing forward in front of his ears. Personally, I think his hair looks like he was going for a “look” and totally missed. In fairness to what I imagine to be his hipster intentions, it’s been no less than 12 weeks since his last haircut. 

This pseudo-emo look he’s sporting honestly comes as no surprise. The moody Boy Wonder seems to thrive on being misunderstood, or at the very least, being different than the uncool people living in his crib.  

As we discuss the next step of his hair maintenance, he whips his hair to the side and then carefully finger combs his man-bangs over his eyebrow. Oh lawd, I suspect the hair power struggle is the first of many we can expect within the next decade or so. 

I have to remind myself that it’s only hair. If underneath all that messiness lies a good kid with a good heart, who really cares what his hair looks like? It’s not like he’s out looking for a job, or trying to impress; he’s somehow learning to find himself underneath all that gorgeous hair.

In an attempt to get a feel for some potential hairstyles, I rounded up a batch and asked him what he thought:

  • Textured comb forward 1 of 7
    Textured comb forward
    "I wouldn't like that. It's too short." ~Boy Wonder

    Me, I like it. It's trendy, neat, and looks easy to maintain.
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • The Cable Guy 2 of 7
    The Cable Guy
    "Are those bangs?" ~Boy Wonder

    Yeah kid, they actually are. Good point.
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • The Luke Skywalker 3 of 7
    The Luke Skywalker
    "It looks OK."~Boy Wonder

    Really kid? This slide was a test and you just failed.
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • The Peter Brady 4 of 7
    The Peter Brady
    "Too puffy." ~Boy Wonder

    Yeah, too puffy and you'd probably need a perm anyway.
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Buzzy 5 of 7
    "That kid looks mad because that haircut sucks." ~Boy Wonder

    I bet that kid is thrilled that his own mom can cut his hair! Imagine the savings.
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Bowl cut 6 of 7
    Bowl cut
    "Um, no." ~Boy Wonder

    Yeah, I'm no good with a round brush anyway.
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Young Ralph Macchio 7 of 7
    Young Ralph Macchio
    "That looks like my last haircut and I didn't like it." ~Boy Wonder

    There was a reason we picked this haircut last time. It was a compromise between what you have now and a buzz.
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]

Do you fight with your child over hair?

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