12 Laws Of Good Parenting

12 laws of good parentingThere are many measuring sticks we use to see how well we’re doing at this impossible game of parenting. There is no scoreboard, there is no game clock, there are only arbitrary milestones.

First to roll over, first to walk, first to talk. First to read, first to write, first to spell.

We use these artificial markers as a way to see if our kids are keeping up and as a way to see if we’re doing all we can do to help our kids succeed.

None of that stuff is ‘really’ important. It’s just an imaginary measuring stick we use to keep score in our heads because, for some random reason, we think parenting is a competitive sport. ┬áIt’s not. It doesn’t really matter if your kid passes swimming this session or next session, it just matters that you’re making the effort to get him out there and trying.

So toss out the parent vs parent scorecard, and see how you do measured up against these 12 Laws Of Good Parenting:

  • Books Should Have Torn Pages 1 of 12
    Books Should Have Torn Pages
    If you read them, they will tear. Reading is good, therefore so are torn pages.
    Image via Buzz Bishop.
  • Lego Should Have Teeth Marks 2 of 12
    Lego Should Have Teeth Marks
    Never mind the box that the Lego came in, that was lost long ago. The pieces have all been mixed together and new mashups are being created. Then the pieces get stuck. And you have to use your teeth to get them apart. That's some Lego love right there.
    Image via Bethany Nowviskie
  • You Shouldn’t Be Able To Tell The Color Of Your Fridge 3 of 12
    You Shouldn't Be Able To Tell The Color Of Your Fridge
    If it's covered in art, puzzles, toys, games, schedules, and pictures - you've got something good going.
    Image via Buzz Bishop.
  • Batteries Should Be Dead 4 of 12
    Batteries Should Be Dead
    As in "turned off." Disconnecting is a struggle modern parents have. I know I do. But work that phone battery hard while you're at work, drain it all the way down so it's dead - and then play with your family. A picture in your memory is far more valuable than one on your Facebook wall.
    Image via John Seb Barber
  • Pants Should Have Holes In Them 5 of 12
    Pants Should Have Holes In Them
    Kids fall down when they're learning new things. Whether it's a new aparatus at the park, running, riding a bike, or just playing with cars on the ground. Bonus points if your pants have holes from getting down on the carpet with them.
    Image via iStockPhoto
  • The Tickle Trunk Is Full Of Costumes When It’s Not Halloween 6 of 12
    The Tickle Trunk Is Full Of Costumes When It's Not Halloween
    Dressing up is a great part of play time, and if your kids are just wearing the Halloween costumes once a year, they're missing out on a great resource. Fill a bin with hats, masks, and costumes for every day of the year.
    Image via Buzz Bishop.
  • Your Best Art Is Homemade And Handmade 7 of 12
    Your Best Art Is Homemade And Handmade
    Your single friends can have their Monet, Ansel Adams, Van Gogh, and Warhol prints hanging in their immaculate houses. The stuff the kids made is cheaper, and looks better - especially when you frame it right.
    Image via Buzz Bishop.
  • You Should Eat Together 8 of 12
    You Should Eat Together
    Even when that calendar has scribbles all over it as you race from work to event to activity, making the time to eat together lets you call "TIME OUT!" and spend quality time as a family. You can relax, talk about the day, and learn more about each other.
    Image via Buzz Bishop.
  • A Home Should Be Messy 9 of 12
    A Home Should Be Messy
    You don't live on the pages of Architectural Digest, you live in a home. A house is such a stuffy, uptight place - a home is warm, comfy, and lived in. Sure, when the neighbours come over you don't want to look like a hoarder, but it's good to have a place that is comfortable.
    Image via Elizabeth
  • Hands Should Be Dirty 10 of 12
    Hands Should Be Dirty
    Kids are washable. Clean is boring.
    Image via iStockPhoto
  • Your Calendar Should Have Scribbles On It 11 of 12
    Your Calendar Should Have Scribbles On It
    A busy family is an engaged family. You're out learning, practicing, and playing. Yes, it's hectic, but it beats sitting on the couch watching DVDs - every. single. night.
    Image via Buzz Bishop.
  • Puzzles And Board Games Should Be Missing Pieces 12 of 12
    Puzzles And Board Games Should Be Missing Pieces
    Socks get lost in the laundry because we wear them, and wash them. Same thing about puzzles and games. If they stay in their box all the time and never get used, nothing gets lost. Take them out and actually play, and chances are things will go missing. Congratulations, you're doing it right.
    Image via Lucy Downey

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