Kids and Guns: This Hidden Camera Experiment is Shocking

Kids and Guns: This hidden-camera experiment will shock you.Almost 3,000 kids died from gun-related wounds in 2010. One child was shot every 30 minutes. Gun violence/accidents was the #2 cause of death for kids and teens.

These are just some of the shocking statistics from my recent post about children and guns, and after compiling those gut-wrenching facts, I thought I had a clear image of kids and guns in the U.S. I thought I understood the need for more safety in our homes, schools, and streets.

Until I watched this segment on an upcoming ABC World News special called “Young Guns.”

Airing this Friday night, the in-depth report and hidden-camera experiment from ABC News anchors David Muir and Diane Sawyer shows exactly what happens when you put guns around kids.

And here’s the thing: all of the kids in this hidden-camera experiement have parents who taught gun safety at home.

All of the kids were taught an in-depth gun safety lesson at school, including an NRA safety video for kids.

All of these kids then had a police officer come into the classroom and teach more gun safety lessons. And still STILL — kids will be kids when there’s a shiny gun in front of them.

Take a look at the segment from ABC News for more.

When you factor in the statistics given — that 1.7 million children live in a home with an unlocked and loaded firearm, and over 7,000 children are rushed to the hospital with (often accidental) gunshot wounds — it might make you rethink the way you approach play-dates at a friend’s house, or, possibly, gun safety in your own house.

To see more of the hidden-camera experiment — including more unsettling footage and the parents’ reactions — tune in this Friday, January 31, to ABC World News.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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