The Truth About (Owning) Cats and Dogs

I am a cat person. Cody is a dog person. Addie is a give me a pet now person. Cody likes cats more than I like dogs and I am not easily convinced as to the benefits of a dog (they smell! they bark!) I grew up without any pets. Cody grew up with cats and dogs. In Cody’s world animals stay outside all the time whereas in mine, dogs are allowed inside and are a part of your daily life, you know, if we were to have a dog. (Allow me to mention that as soon as my sister and I moved out my mom got a dog. And air conditioning.) My sister has worked with animals for over 15 years and her one bedroom house is home to three dogs and three cats. She has strong opinions on the type of dog a person owns and how that dog is cared for.

Some families have way too many opinions about how kids should be raised.

Our family?

Has too many conflicting opinions on how pets should be owned.

Addie has already proven herself to be quite possibly the best big sister that ever lived. The kid has oozed compassion and love for living creatures from the time she could chase a cat or dog around the house. She was incredibly close to my dad’s blind and diabetic Dalmatian, Katie. When Katie finally passed away Addie reacted in a way I could have never expected.

She was only four but she was heartbroken. She collapsed into sobs crying out Katie’s name. Katie is still her favorite dog and Dalmatians are still her favorite breed. I on the other hand have never lost a pet that I was close to. It looks really hard. And call me a wuss but I have enough troubles in my life without adding in the inevitable death of a pet.

Sure there’s all this stuff about responsibility and unconditional love.

But we have this baby…and it’s pretty obvious that Addie has learned more about responsibility and unconditional love from having this baby around that I don’t really see the need to go adding any furry creatures to our lives.

But I do love cats. Cody said we could consider getting a cat and I’m suddenly overtaken with anxiety. I am guilty of having an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to Cats. I love my friends cats. I love looking at pictures of cats. I love videos of cats on YouTube, I even have a favorite YouTube Cat (Maru!) But that doesn’t mean I have to own one…the hair! The litter! But they purr…oh I love it when they curl up on you and purr.


Thankfully the argument for a dog is a little easier. While we have a house and a yard we do not have a fence. And if we’re going to have a dog? We’re going to have to have a fence. Period. We have neighbors who keep a St. Bernard cooped up in their house all day long. I think I’ve only seen the dog outside twice but I’ve seen it staring longingly out the window at least a hundred. I may not be a dog person but I know that’s no life for a dog.

Addie of course would love either. And if we were to get a cat we would rescue an older cat who just wants to live out his or her cat life lying in the sunny patches of our house. It sounds so wonderful doesn’t it?

I know I’m pretty much convinced to pack up and head to the humane society.

But there’s this baby…

What’s the story of cats and dogs in your life? Give them all to me, the good, the bad…the honest truth.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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