10 Ways to Transform Your Kid's Artwork into Keepsakes

Kids say the darndest things, but they draw the most awesome things. If I were to keep every little bit of artwork that passed through my front door I’d have to own approximately 189 refrigerators to display it all. I keep it under control by saving my most favorite pieces, scanning in the rest and mailing the leftovers to grandmas and grandpas scattered around the country. The bonus to having everything scanned in is that it’s super easy to make slideshows of Addie’s artwork for family during the Holidays. Cheap and totally thoughtful.

There’s no limit to what you can have made from your child’s artwork: mugs, shirts, aprons, mouse pads and calendars to name a few. But sometimes a very special piece of art deserves a very special accommodation. What follows are 10 shops where skilled artists will happily turn your child’s artwork into something you can wear or have with you everyday. From cufflinks to keychains, softies to stationary…these are way above and beyond the usual coffee mug.

  • Custom Kid’s Art Pin by Totally Out of Hand 1 of 13
    Pieces made from sterling silver with the option of brass or copper accents. Prices range from $145-$255
    Photo Credit/Available for Purchase: Totally Out of Hand
  • Custom Kid’s Art Embroidery by Travisina 2 of 13
    Your child's artwork turned into a lovely little stitching for framing or any other use. $30
    Photo Credit/Available for Purchase: Travisina
  • Self Portrait Bracelet by Colleen Berg 3 of 13
    Customizable on back as well. $250
    Photo Credit/Available for Purchase: Colleen Berg Jewelry
  • Custom Softie from Kid’s Artwork by Child’s Own 4 of 13
    You must spend a good amount of time on her site to appreciate just how fun these little softies are. Prices range from $60-$130 CAD
    Photo Credit/Available for Purchase: Child's Own
  • Off the Fridge Custom Cufflinks by Magic Dog Studio 5 of 13
    Charm: $280 Pendant: $325 Necklace: $420 Lapel pin: $300 Cufflinks (pictured): $450 Tie Tac: $275
    Photo Credit/Available for Purchase: Magic Dog Studio
  • Custom Kid’s Art Charm by Formia Design 6 of 13
    Available as a keychain, charm or ornament in gold or silver. Contact for price estimate.
    Photo Credit/Available for Purchase: Formia Design
  • X-sheep Drawing by Sophie, Age 9 7 of 13

    Photo Credit: Child's Own Blog
  • Final Custom X-sheep Softie by Child’s Own 8 of 13
    I want an X-sheep for my own!
    Photo Credit: Child's Own Blog
  • Kid’s Art Keychain Set in Sterling Silver by Romero Designs 9 of 13
    Photo Credit/Available for Purchase: Romero Designs
  • Child’s Artwork Pendant by Take Flight Boutique 10 of 13
    Set in beveled crystal, $75
    Photo Credit/Available for Purchase: Take Flight Boutique
  • Kid’s Art Stationary by Couture Invito 11 of 13
    Your child's artwork as two-sided stationary. $36.75 for 25 cards.
    Photo Credit/Available for Purchase: Couture Invito
  • Addie’s Self Portrait Doodle 12 of 13
    This was Addie's self portrait that she drew at 3 years old that I had turned into a necklace from Mommy Tags (see next slide.)
  • My Final Doodletag with Addie’s Self Portrait 13 of 13
    Made from recycled silver. $125
    Photo Credit/Available for Purchase: Mommy Tags

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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