What Will Your Kids Be Helping with On Thanksgiving?

You know, assuming you’re in America celebrating Thanksgiving. If you’re Canadian, hi! I really think the whole Thanksgiving in October thing is a pretty good idea, aside from how confused I get with all my Canadian friends talking about Thanksgiving before we’ve even gone trick or treating down here in the states. However I’ll stick with the holiday on a Thursday since that means a 4 day weekend for us instead of just a 3 day weekend. If you’re in some other country, hello as well and pardon all the turkey I’m about to talk.

I am of the belief that once kids can understand basic commands they should have responsibilities. Nothing huge in the beginning of course, pick up your toys, wash your hands, make your bed…stuff like that. As kids get older their responsibilities should grow with them as well. Addie is currently in charge of feeding the cats twice a day, scooping their littler, setting and clearing the table and keeping her stuff under control.

As I draw out my battle plan for this Thursday (I will be doing the entire meal solo, our family is thousands of miles away) I’m working in duties for Addie and wondering when it comes to the kitchen and meal preparation, what do your kids help you with?

I have always loved to cook and Addie has been in the kitchen at my right side since she was old enough to stand on a stool without falling off. She has helped me with everything from enchiladas to cake. It was only when she would have friends over and they would try to help me as well that I realized just how much she is capable of in the kitchen.

Obviously she’ll be setting the table and performing Sherpa duties of carrying various and assorted sauces and and garnishes to and from the table. Raw meat is out of the question, as is sharp knives. She’ll most likely be doing vegetable layout, various duties associated with the dinner rolls and assisting with pies. I want her involved, but I also don’t want her in the way (sorry, love.)

Speaking of pies, I just saw this one on Pinterest today and think it would be the perfect little project for meticulous Addie.

(photo credit: Laurie Turk)

How do you plan on keeping your kids busy come Thursday?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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