Kids, I Love You. Now Get Your Own Snack.

Working from home with my kids home all summer is a real challenge, made only more difficult by their constant interruptions for snacks.

If your kids are anything like mine they’ll graze all day on snacks and push food around their plates come mealtime. Suddenly it dawned on me, why am I up and down 600 times a day fetching snacks when my kids could get their own? Armed with sandwich and snack sized Ziploc bags, I bagged up kid portions of grapes, carrots, crackers, and fig cookies and tossed them in the produce drawer of my fridge. The snacks are easily accessible, fresh, and ready to eat!

Sometimes the simplest ideas make the biggest difference and I can honestly tell you, this simple action virtually eliminated those constant hungry kid interruptions!

And just so you know, I’m really thrifty when it comes to most things. While I buy generic whenever possible, there are some things I simply won’t settle for less than the best on and bags are one of them. Food is expensive and I want to keep it fresh as long as possible. Also, my kids are hard on their snack bags, carrying with them along while they play. I don’t need a snack bag that can’t withstand two rowdy kids! When it comes to keeping food off my light carpet and car’s interior, I trust Ziploc’s secure seal; a seal I can see and feel.

Whether you work from home or are simply tired of constant snack interruptions, try bagging up healthy snacks your kids can grab on the go. Trust Ziploc bags to keep food fresh and where it belongs until it reaches those hungry bellies!

Are your kids constant snackers?

A big thanks to Ziploc for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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