8 Things My Kids Say to Me That Bring Out the Drama and Make Me Cringe

I remember spending the first few months of my kids lives wishing I could hear their sweet voices. I was an ‘isolated’ stay-at-home mom who had only these little babies to talk to all day. I craved conversation, full sentences that didn’t need to be decoded from baby talk.

Well, I am there. The kids are older and talking (they even talk some French now, which I don’t yet understand) and I got what I wanted. Conversations that don’t need to be decoded, interactions and hearing their sweet voices.

What I also got was mom guilt, drama and lots of cringing over phrases and words the kids just love to repeat.   Times where their sweet voices just aren’t sweet in that moment.

Click through to see the 8 phrases that make me cringe when they come out of my kids mouth:

  • ‘Mommy. Mommy. MOMMY!’ 1 of 8
    'Mommy. Mommy. MOMMY!'
    When my kids were first born I couldn't wait for them to start saying mama. Fast-forward to six years later and that word has run out its welcome. "Mom, mom, mommy, mum, mama, mummy, moooooom!"
  • ‘But Why?’ 2 of 8
    'But Why?'
    Ah the curiosity of kids. It's amazing to see how their brain works ... but, if I get asked too many times in one hour, "But why ... do I have to clean my room?" ... "But why ... is that how you load the dishwasher?" Ahhhhh!!
  • ‘This is the Worst Day Ever’ 3 of 8
    'This is the Worst Day Ever'
    My kids can be dramatic. Over the weekend I heard in a span of 20 minutes both the phrase 'this is the worst birthday ever' and 'this is the best birthday ever'. I guess they live in the moment.
  • ‘I Don’t Like You Anymore’ 4 of 8
    'I Don't Like You Anymore'
    No parent wants to hear this one but I have been told this a few times in my parenting career. Again it's another sign my kids can overreact sometimes. It never lasts long but always makes me feel terrible.
  • ‘It Was an Accident’ 5 of 8
    'It Was an Accident'
    If you hear this one the first 'mistake' might have been having your kids out of your sight. That's what happened for me just before this photo was taken. Of course my kids 'excuse' was that it was an accident... never a good thing to hear.
  • ‘I’m Starving!’ 6 of 8
    'I'm Starving!'
    I am not sure if you all hate this one as much as I do, but it's one I hear a few times a day. My kids eat on average every 2 hours. They are far from starving but, well, I guess that shows their drama again. (I'm noticing a pattern now... maybe all kids, or just mine, like the drama?)
  • ‘Mom! You Forgot to …’ 7 of 8
    'Mom! You Forgot to ...'
    Enter mom guilt. It's kind of a new occurrence with me now because I am juggling the two kids in school and work and life and ... As a perfectionist when I "fail" and it lets the kids down — always makes me cringe.
  • ‘No! I’m NOT TIRED!’ 8 of 8
    'No! I'm NOT TIRED!'
    Okay... This phrase my kids say is always said in some epic tantrum in which I tell them they are tired which is why they are being so grumpy. They scream the "No" at me and five minutes later ... they pass out on the floor. Why don't they just sleep?

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