10 Reasons Kids Should Be Doing Yoga

girl in red doing yoga exerciseIt’s no surprise that kids are busy and potentially overwhelmed these days. I know I demand a lot from my little ones and constantly have to remind myself to chill out, take a deep breath and let them be kids.

Ahhhh, deep breaths. They’re good for the soul, aren’t they? I need them and so do my kids. Thank goodness there’s yoga!

I discovered yoga 16 years ago. My family and friends weren’t too familiar with it and thought I was joining a new religion. Deep breaths, meditation and prayer poses? Yeah, they thought I was crazy until it became well known a few years later. I never thought about having my kids do Yoga until they begged to have their own mats and join me in my morning Yoga routine. They loved the funny poses and laughed as we all tried to balance on one foot or sit in an invisible chair.

After doing it for several years and feeling the benefits myself, it’s no surprise there are benefits for our kids as well.

Here are just a few of the benefits that Yoga can offer our little ones…

  • Stress Relief 1 of 10
    Stress Relief
    Kids are stressed these days. Allowing kids to take a break, hang out it child's pose and take a deep breath can really help relieve stress.
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  • Stretching 2 of 10
    I asked my daughter what she likes about yoga, she said she liked the stretching. Even their little muscles need to be properly cared for and stretching is the key.
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  • Strength 3 of 10
    Forget weights or push-ups, yoga requires strength and strength is great for kids!
  • Do it Together 4 of 10
    Do it Together
    Yoga isn't like running or other sports that are difficult for kids to do along side us. It's a sport we can do together, which makes it even more valuable.
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  • Helps Kids Sleep 5 of 10
    Helps Kids Sleep
    Do your kids bounce off the walls at night and have a tough time calming down to sleep? Yoga can help!
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  • Engages the Brain 6 of 10
    Engages the Brain
    Yoga helps engage the emotional brain and has been found to especially help kids with autism.
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  • Confidence 7 of 10
    Yoga builds confident kids! When kids can move and breath and accomplish the poses, they feel confident in themselves.
  • Fun 8 of 10
    Imitating animal poses and stretching their bodies in different ways is a lot of fun! They can't help but smile while posing like a cow.
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  • Not Competitive 9 of 10
    Not Competitive
    Not all kids are built for competitive sports, which makes yoga a great alternative.
  • Focus & Concentration 10 of 10
    Focus & Concentration
    Yoga can also help kids focus. It requires both mental and physical strength and its calming effect can really aid in allowing kids to concentrate more.
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Perhaps, standing like a tree, hanging like a monkey and breathing like a lion can be just what our busy kids need.

Here is a list of great Yoga videos for kids to get you started!

Would yoga be something your kids would enjoy?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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