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    Charlie and Lola (Disney Playhouse)

    Charlie & Lola Lola and her patient older brother, Charlie, live a quite ordinary life somewhere in the UK. Together they work through ordinary problems, such as how to accept a gift you absolutely do not like, like a very silly hat. The utterly addictive quality of this show comes from Lola’s singular voice. She is charming and contradictory in the way that only a fully drawn character can be — the kind of girl who you could watch read a phone book (if phonebooks still existed, of course).

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    Adventure Time (Cartoon Network)

    Adventure Time Holy imagination — you’ve never seen animation this surreal. In this relatively new show, Finn, a silly kid who wants to be a hero, and Jake, the dog with magical powers, live in the Land of Ooo. As they fight monsters and help characters in need — from a giant slug to an assortment of strange princesses — Jake shape-shifts, growing and shrinking at will. In the goblin episode, my family collectively gasped in awe as Jake morphed into a Transformer-style warrior suit for Finn.

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    Dino Dan (Nick Jr.)

    Dino Dan Even if your 7-year-old is not as dino-obsessed as Dan, this show will capture his imagination. Dan is the only one who sees dinosaurs lumbering down his street, but his friends try to help him solve dino mysteries by looking for clues and making inferences. Dan also draws answers about the dinosaurs’ curious behavior from his own world, such as a dorky game of elbow tag that will have you laughing as hard as your almost-tween.

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    Electric Company (PBS)

    Electric CompanySesame Street on steroids, Electric Company alleviates the heavy work of learning to read by setting it to hip-hop rhythms and rhymes. Through a lot of fast cuts, it interweaves learning sound bites with a good vs. evil storyline in which Electric Company heroes are pitted against The Pranksters. Each episode also features a spelling “rant” from a real tween — i.e., a beef with the different sounds “ie” makes. Very urban, fresh, multicultural, and multi-age, the show had my kids gyrating and chanting “Electric CompanAY!” after just one viewing. Bravo for this fresh reinvention.

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    WordGirl (PBS)

    WordGirl Becky Botsford, aka WordGirl, is a fifth-grade superhero from the planet Lexicon tasked with saving Fair City from evildoers like Dr. Two-Brains and Granny May. Along the way she imparts the meaning and correct usage of words like transformation or diversion, which are cleverly worked into the plot. You’ll enjoy this show for its sharp characters, its strong female role models (I particularly enjoy Granny May), and its entertaining approach to teaching vocabulary. Your kids will like the action and memorable characters, like the giant, tantrum-throwing Birthday Girl.

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