Kids With Flow: 3 Young Rappers You Need to Know [Video]

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Who doesn’t love kids with flow?

Move over Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, these young rappers are representing a whole new batch of young talent that will blow your mind! Whether they’re rapping about important kid-friendly subject matter like Hot Cheetos, a love of snacks, or puppy dog love, these kids are busting rhymes with mad skill.

Check out MSNnow’s trending segment on today’s hottest young rappers – after the jump!

“Hot Cheetos and Takis” by Y.N.RichKids are part of an after-school program called Beats And Rhymes that was started by the North Community YMCA rewards kids with access to music software and equipment as long as they keep up with their schoolwork. Genius! To view the full video in HD, click here. (Confession: I have watched this video no less than 6o times and I’m not done yet.)

Then there’s Matty B, the kid fresh-faced freckled kid whose been rapping for years. Click here to check out the complete version of hisĀ Justin Bieber “Boyfriend” cover which has over 38 million views! Hint: the 1:56 mark will have you beaming as Matty B asks for you to “send [his video] to your friends and tell them to send it to their friends!” Done, Matty B – with pleasure.

And what aboutĀ 6-year-old Baby Kaely who’s busy spittin’ rhymes over sick beats? This rising star “wants it all” according to her YouTube channel; check out her full version of “Hunt Them Down” here!

What do you think of these young rap stars?

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