Kindergarten Controversy: PROM!

Screen shot 2013-06-06 at 3.40.36 PMJD’s school is hosting a prom with a New York, New York theme for the Pre-K 4 and K classrooms. It’s on a Friday night from 7 PM to 9 PM at the school. It is being supervised by the teaches and staff who have taken care of JD since he was 2 and in a diaper. Parents are not invited.

Last year, there was a similar fete for the Pre-K 4 classroom. It was off-location at a hall and catered. There was a DJ, photo booth and games! Parents were required to attend the Hawaiian-themed shindig! We had a blast. JD wore a tiny Hawaiian shirt. (See pic!)


Over on Facebook, I noted JD’s school was hosting a prom. A loyal reader wondered why (no biggie, GF!). She’s not the only one! Word is, some parents aren’t allowing their kids to attend, because it’s inappropriate.

I don’t see the harm in it. JD is 5 and doesn’t associate prom like the high school seniors in our town do. There’s no sexy dresses, dates, limo, underage drinking, after-party and weekend down the shore … other shenanigans—that was my prom—but my dress wasn’t sexy at all.

It was an unfortunate celery color. Did I mention, I was recovering from freaking Chicken Pox at 18? Oh, yes. Uncle Bri got them. Everywhere. Had to be hospitalized. Then I broke out with them Memorial Day Weekend ’99 down the shore in Wild Wood, NJ, a week before the prom and GF Carlo staged a rescue. See … we always prevailed as a tripod.

I know exactly what will go on at this “prom.” Basically the equivalent of all the events we’ve attended at the school. There will be hot dogs, popcorn, nut-free treats, juice pouches and little water bottles. The kids will dance to music, run around and play organized games. There will likely be some sort of craft that I will get to display in my home.

It’s not a prom.

It’s a celebration for the children who are moving up and on. JD is … New school come September!

It’s a thank you to the parents who paid tuition for how many ever years. Me? Three! Ouch.

It’s a sure way to tire my kid out, hehe.

I look forward to dropping JD off and spending 2 hours doing whatever I want.

Chime in on the prom drama!


Our photo booth pics from last year’s prom.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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