Lazy Halloween Costumes And Why Teens Wear Them

Why is there an unofficial cut off of 10ish for trick or treating? Because the magic disappears.

The older the kids get, the more they understand the economics of October 31. They see nothing but candy being handed out at every doorstep in the neighbourhood. Candy their hormone raging bodies need. Must have. Never mind the zombies crying brains in walking dead, teens and tweens on Halloween are far more singularly focused.

They’re easy to spot. They don’t like to ring a doorbell and wait, they swoop up when kids have already rang the bell. They poke their bag to the front, they rush, they don’t say thank you.

My dad knew their game. Any big kids that rang our bell always had to perform a trick before they got a treat. He’d make them tell a joke, sing, or dance. He would keep them on that doorstep as long as he could, holding them back from quickly filling their sac on our cul-de-sac. They hated it.

This week there are kids poring over maps like they’re plotting a prison break. The denser the housing, the better. And the costumes are terrible. A hockey jersey. A hoodie. A rubber mask. If you’re lucky.

With just a few days to go before Halloween check out these 9 lazy Halloween costumes for teens who are fed up with trying.

  • See What I Mean? 1 of 9

    Image via QuickMeme 

  • Boo! 2 of 9

    The ironic sign on a t-shirt will be a common theme on this list.

    Image via epsilon 

  • Eror 404 3 of 9

    Stay classy, football captain.

    Image via Zazzle

  • Not Nudists 4 of 9

    You know you're a freshman when ...

    Image via Imgur

  • Ginger Bread Man 5 of 9

    This one is actually clever. Lame, but clever.

    Image via Giggletoots

  • Ninjas 6 of 9

    They also stole your Halloween spirit, friend.

    Image via CafePress

  • Witch 7 of 9

    I don't even get this one.

    Image via skreened 

  • Hangover 8 of 9

    It's not 2010. This is no longer clever.

    Image via 80stees

  • Banana 9 of 9

    Right. Sure, buddy. This costume has no appeal. See? I can be clever too.

    Image via CafePress

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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