Learning to Ride a Bike – The Zach Edition

Today was a big day in our family. We’ve been telling Zachary for a few weeks that it’s time to learn to ride a bike without using training wheels. He has been hesitant, mostly because he was afraid he was going to end up getting hurt. Considering how often he injures himself, I suppose I can’t really blame him for that worry.

We decided that today was the day, and weren’t going to take no for an answer. He didn’t protest, exactly, but he did think for a minute and then say “But Mommy! You don’t want me to lose my teeth, do you?!” I laughed and assured him that we would make sure he didn’t end up losing any teeth in the process. I hoped I wasn’t lying through my teeth (pun totally intended).

You can click through to see how well our bike riding lessons went…as usual, Zachary didn’t disappoint!

  • With Dad’s Help 1 of 8
    With Dad's Help
    He refused to agree to this adventure until he confirmed that someone was going to hold on and help him. Dad won the coin toss.
  • Big Brother 2 of 8
    Big Brother
    Dylan rode (literal) circles around him, saying "Look how easy it is! You should be able to do it no problem!" It sounds sweet, except he wasn't saying it to be nice. Brothers are awesome.
  • Dad Let Go 3 of 8
    Dad Let Go
    He's on his own for the first time!
  • Extreme Contration 4 of 8
    Extreme Contration
    It's hard, especially when you're four, to steer, keep your balance, and pedal at the same time. Apparently it takes a lot of effort.
  • Getting It 5 of 8
    Getting It
    Getting steadier with every turn of the wheel.
  • Brotherly Support 6 of 8
    Brotherly Support
    At least one of his brothers was happy for him. Or laughing at mom. Whatever.
  • A Real Big Boy 7 of 8
    A Real Big Boy
    Just like pinocchio. Or something like that.
  • So Proud of Himself 8 of 8
    So Proud of Himself
    Seriously, I'm shocked he didn't swallow a bug. He was open mouth smiling the entire time. It was awesome. And now he says he's ready to ride to school tomorrow.
    Another adventure begins!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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