Let The Kids Play With Their Food! Amazing Food Artwork

She likes to paint. But not with a paintbrush.

Hong Yi, who goes by the nickname ‘Red’, is a Malaysian artist-architect. She was given the nickname because her name, Hong, sounds like the word ‘red’ in Mandarin.

As an artist, Red uses many mediums that you wouldn’t normally associate with art. Sunflower seeds. Coffee stains.  She’s even famously used a basketball instead of a paintbrush to create unparallelled artwork.

But it’s Red’s work with food that is blowing my mind. Not only is it unbelievable to see but perhaps we, as parents, could take a page out of Red’s art book and not only let our kids play with their food a bit, but serve them nutritious meals with an eye toward edible creations. Might make meal time a little more pleasant?

Take a look at 20 of Red’s artistic food creations!

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  • All You Need Is Love 2 of 22
    All You Need Is Love
    What kid wouldn't love to eat balloons?
  • Tiger 3 of 22
    Hong Yi says she hopes this encourages kids to eat their veggies. Add some lettuce and your tiger is in a junble! "Tiger made of chopped carrots, white radish and dried prunes. Serve with a drizzle of olive oil and a zigzag of balsamic glaze and voila! A fun plate of salad!
  • The Scream 4 of 22
    The Scream
    The Scream by Edvard Munch.
  • Owl-nion 5 of 22
    "Made of onions and mint leaves. My eyes were teary as I was making this piece though! Also, thank you SO much for ur comments abt watermarking...u guys helped heaps, n u guys are like friends I've never met! 🙂 So here's what I did - I posted a low-res version of my art and I signed on it with marmite so my 'watermark' becomes part of the art." - Red Hong Yi
  • Three Little Pigs Part 1 6 of 22
    Three Little Pigs Part 1
    "Guess who stay in these three little houses? House 1 made of angel hair pasta, house 2 biscuit sticks, house 3 dried chilli. Chimney smoke, mayonnaise. Stuck together with peanut butter. Dill for grass." - Red Hong Yi
  • Three Little Pigs Part 2 7 of 22
    Three Little Pigs Part 2
    "Wolf made of charcoal bread, pigs made of kidney beans." - Red Hong Yi
  • Three Little Pigs Part 3 8 of 22
    Three Little Pigs Part 3
    "This is how the third pig REALLY got away. He's a big Pixar fan as you can tell." - Red Hong Yi
  • Banksy On My Plate! 9 of 22
    Banksy On My Plate!
    "Made from nori and apple. What does this Banksy piece of the maid mean to you? Ps: Banksy was my second attempt today. The first was Taylor Swift with instant noodles, which failed big time. I ended up sharing her hair with my dog Chowder." - Red Hong Yi
  • Carnivor Vs. Herbivore 10 of 22
    Carnivor Vs. Herbivore
    Made of beef, spinach, and parsley. A new way to serve carpaccio...add olive oil, shaved cheese, salt, pepper n lemon n u're done!" - Red Hong Yi.
  • You’re My Butter Half 11 of 22
    You're My Butter Half
    ""You're my butter half". Specially dedicated to my friends TY+VQ, AL+CH and JY+SY who will be getting married this year. Made of Bovril and butter and chilli...just to spice things up a bit." - Red Hong Yi
  • Cucumber Landscape 12 of 22
    Cucumber Landscape
    Made from a single cucumber.
  • Arctic Melting 13 of 22
    Arctic Melting
    Made with chocolate!
  • Giant Squid Attack! 14 of 22
    Giant Squid Attack!
    "Made from squid and squid ink! My stinkiest plate art work so far...haha. This squid is going into my tom yum soup tonight." - Red Hong Yi
  • Campbell’s Soup 15 of 22
    Campbell's Soup
    Made of ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and oyster sauce! Red says, "took a while to get 'condensed' looking alright! The mayonnaise was not being very naise (lol) - it was hard to smooth it out on such a small area with limited tools (ie chopsticks, skewers and a butter knife). The ketchup looked nice and smooth in real life but it turned out a lil patchy in photo...but i guess this imperfect look gives it its own charm, right?"
  • Oreo Art 16 of 22
    Oreo Art
    "This was probably the trickiest one so far - it's hard working with oreo cream in tropical weather cos they melt really fast, n it's tricky to avoid getting bits of the cookie onto the cream while molding the shapes out... " - Red Hong Yi
  • The Great Wave 17 of 22
    The Great Wave
    "My adaptation of "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" by Hokusai Katsushika. That's Mt Fuji in the background!" - Red Hong Yi
  • Dragon 18 of 22
    Dragon in dragon fruit.
  • Chicken & Egg 19 of 22
    Chicken & Egg
    New meaning to the debate about which comes first...
  • Longing For Spring 20 of 22
    Longing For Spring
    "Found a tiny little garden on my plate today. The sun came out too." - Red Hong Yi
  • Tiny Tutus 21 of 22
    Tiny Tutus
    "Something simple for all the ballerinas out there... Tried something different by playing with the shadows of the plate to create a spotlight effect for the ballerinas. Made of chocolate syrup and coloured chocolate shavings." - Red Hong Yi
  • Before & After 22 of 22
    Before & After
    Apple to art, broccoli to beauty.

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All photos used with permission from Red Hong Yi.

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