Do You Write Letters to Your Children?

I don’t know if Dooce was the one that started the trend of writing letters to your kids as they grow, but she certainly is the most famous for it.

Her monthly letters to her children talking about how she feels, the things her kids could accomplish, and more were great digital milestone markers. A sort of blog version of the growth chart on the kitchen door jamb.

Google took a dad’s version of the practice, and turned it into a great commercial, Dear Sophie, to promote their web tools as a way to archive memories.

I can’t commit to that kind of monthly dedication, but I did take the inspiration to start annual letters to my boys.

Zacharie turns 5 today. My wife and I have not even known each other for 6 years.

Do the math and you can easily see that our Z was a surprise. My wife and I had been dating for 3 days more than 2 months when he was conceived. We met in July of 2006, and by October of that year we were sitting down with each of our parents and telling them the news.

We had no plans, like so many celebs, to get married right away. We wanted to work on being parents without having to worry about planning a wedding or being married.

It’s okay to be unmarried parents, ya know.

Jen and I say that Zacharie chose us. There was never a doubt when we found out we were pregnant. In our mid-30s, I told Jen that if we hadn’t gotten pregnant that year, we would have been trying a year later. So it was a good thing.

That little man is the most magical thing to ever happen in my life, and so today I’ll sit down and write him another letter. I’ll talk about how tall he is, how his curly hair has straightened, how he loves his little brother, how he is eager to help everyone, and how he chose me and changed my life.

What about you? Do you partake in the new parenting tradition/trend of writing regular letters to your kids?

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