Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! 9 Hilarious Lies Kids Have Told

Kids have no shame when it comes to blatantly lying to their parents’ faces. But what they forget is that unlike them, we weren’t born yesterday. And we find it pretty hilarious when they try to throw their 2-year-old, 4-month-old, or even UNBORN siblings under the bus.

Much to George Washington’s dismay, we’ve learned that kids can tell a lie … and they do … a lot. Who chopped down the cherry tree? Your three-year-old son did. In honor of these compulsive liars, we asked Babble readers to share the funniest lies their kids have told, and boy did we get some hilarious fibs. Check them out after the jump! — Jenn Gimbel

  • The polar bear hunter 1 of 9
    "My son told me that he killed a polar bear in grandma's backyard, and they were eating it for supper. We live in South Carolina."
    Submitted by Angela Burr Cloyd
    Photo credit: iStockPhoto
  • Home alone 2 of 9
    Me: You know you aren't supposed to be at our house right now; no one is home.
    My daughter: I'm not at home, mom!
    Me: You are talking to me on the HOUSE phone right now!
    Submitted by Renee Zay
    Photo credit: iStockPhoto
  • Dirty britches 3 of 9
    "My 3-year-old had an accident. I asked him why he didn't use the potty, and he told me that it wasn't him. He said he was playing with Legos and his little brother walked up to him and pooped in his pants. He said, ‘I tried to stop him but he just kept pooping my britches!'"
    Submitted by April Heath Verreault
    Photo credit: Shutterstock
  • Straight trippin’ 4 of 9
    "We gave our 2-year-old a piece of cake and told our 5-year-old he had to wait until after supper to eat his. A few minutes later, he peeped around the corner and said: ‘Daddy, sissy ate all her cake!' My husband replied: ‘You ate it, didn't you?' Our 5-year-old said: ‘No, Daddy. Sissy threw it on the floor, and I tripped and fell on it!' Guess his mouth hit the cake when he fell because the evidence was all over
    his face!
    Submitted by Tabitha Giles
    Photo credit: Shutterstock
  • The possessed pen 5 of 9
    "My daughter wrote all over herself with a pen. When I asked why she'd done it, she said: ‘I didn't do it, the pen floated and wrote on me.' Nice try, kid. She was only 2."
    Submitted by Ileana M. Nunez
    Photo credit: iStockPhoto
  • The hungry burglar 6 of 9
    "We woke up one morning to a clogged toilet. When my husband asked if anyone knew what happened, my 5-year-old hugged my legs and said: ‘Mommy, a bad, bad man came into our house last night and stole an apple and took some bites, then flushed it down the toilet!'"
    Submitted by Allison Brostrom
    Photo credit: iStockPhoto
  • Why so blue? 7 of 9
    "My 4-year-old came into my room and her mouth and lips were BRIGHT blue. She insisted she didn't get into anything, then looked in the mirror … gasped … and finally admitted to eating food coloring!"
    Submitted by Amber McCormick Conrad
    Photo credit: Shutterstock
  • Circumstantial evidence 8 of 9
    "'Oops,' I said. 'Did you make a poop?' 'Nope,' my 2-year-old son replied, clearly disregarding the evidence to the contrary."
    Submitted by Onya Baby
    Photo credit: iStockPhoto
  • Dad in stripes 9 of 9
    "My daughter, who was 7 at the time, was attending church with her best friend. They went every Wednesday. My husband and I went to their Christmas program and reception. My daughter's friend kept looking at my husband really strangely. Finally, she whispered in my daughter's ear, quite loudly: ‘I thought you said your Dad was in jail?!' My husband has never been in jail! He works out of town quite a bit so he is not able to attend many functions. I guess she was trying to explain his absence."
    Submitted by Shawna Nichols Lowrance
    Photo credit: iStockPhoto

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