Lice Facts That'll Have You Scratching Your Head

Ready to go back to school?

Then you better be ready for lice!

Chances are, at some point your child, your precious baby, your pride and joy, will get lice. If he hasn’t already.

And chances are even greater that it will not be a pleasant experience.

Last year, my family battled lice for a week, and I still have phantom itching from it.

But since lice is practically a part of growing up, why not make it as educational as possible?

Read on for some fun facts about lice!

Some 6 to 12 million infestation of lice cases occur every year in the United States among children. But who’s counting! Suggestion: Start itching now to save time later!

Some Egyptian mummies have lice! See? We’re learning history already!

Pets cannot transmit lice, only humans can. Isn’t it great that we have more than opposable thumbs to lord over the pets?

A Chinese remedy is to wash hair with vinegar and then to comb it out with a  bamboo comb. Also makes for a fine salad dressing.

This is an improvement over the 1200 BC Chinese remedy that involved both mercury and arsenic.  Don’t try this at home!

Lice move by crawling. They can’t hop of fly.

There is a fun coloring book about lice!

Celebrities whose children have had lice: Madonna, Courtney Cox, Al Pacino.

So if your kid gets lice, don’t despair! You are in good company. But also, get treated as soon as you can. And please don’t come over to my house.

Photo source: Wiki

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