Life Lessons from the Pool

My kids and I have been spending countless hours at other people’s pools this summer. I know, tough life.

In summers past I avoided the pool like the plague for a myriad of cellulite and drowning-induced reasons, but something’s different this summer and I don’t exactly know what it is. Maybe it’s me, or life, or my place in this this life. All I know is that I just want to get out and do and smile and feel more than the confines of my house allow me to.

So this summer the pool and I are simpatico. For the first time ever we seem to have reached an understanding.

And it seems there are like, life lessons to be found at the pool. More than simply a place to escape the summer heat, the pool can actually teach you stuff if you let it. For serious. I swear other people’s pools hold the answers to life’s questions.

  • Gettin’ deep 1 of 6

    Take a look at 5 totally deep (get it, deep?) life lessons learned from the pool this summer.

  • No one gives a crap about my body 2 of 6

    I care about the way my body looks in a swimsuit a lot. Well, I mean, not enough to actually do anything about, but certainly enough to remain fully enveloped in a dress drenched in my own underbewb sweat. I say enough of that! This year I finally understand that my cellulite and saddlebags deserve relief from the summer heat even more than those tight bods devoid of such extra insulation. It's liberating to shed my protective cotton blend cocoon and let it all hang out. Hey, at least I'm having fun!


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  • Just float 3 of 6

    Much of my time in the pool up to this point has been spent teaching BooBoo how to float. I find myself telling him on an almost continual loop that should he ever find himself in deep water without the energy to continue swimming, he should flip on his back and float to give him time to relax his body and breathe. Whoa, what sage life advice, amirite? We've all been in a tough situation (or deep water, if you will) and despite our best efforts to reach a resolution, we're not making progress. We're exhausted, unable to breathe, and in a sense, drowning. If we just decide to "float" a while, the answers will reveal themselves in time.


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  • Don’t be shallow 4 of 6

    I'm notorious for hanging out in the shallow end of the pool for three very specific reasons: one, I don't like to get my hair wet (talk about shallow!); two, I'm not a great swimmer; three, my chances of getting pummeled by a flying body are greatly reduced. But guess what, the shallow end get pretty boring, just as it does in life. I encourage you and me (and everyone you ever met) to get out of our comfort zones and go deeper. Go deeper in your passions, your conversation, and your relationships. When it all feels a little scary, we know we're doing something right. Live deeper!


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  • Dive in 5 of 6

    Unless the pool water feels like a steamy bath (and it never does), you can find me inching my way into the water at a snail's pace to acclimate to the temperature. It's a process. My kids however, dive right in, never once giving a thought to the temperature of the water because thermal shock has no bearing on fun. Let this be a lesson to those of us who find even a wee bit of discomfort debilitating - sometimes we have to just dive right in. Sure, it's scary and uncomfortable, but the sooner we dive in we can start swimming. Don't delay a positive on account of a little discomfort. Our bodies and souls are stronger than we give them credit for.


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  • Doing nothing is really something 6 of 6

    The art of relaxation and I have a complicated past. It calls to me, I ignore it. It calls to me louder, I ignore it and then BOOM I get sick and I'm forced (albeit painfully) to relax while my body heals. Herein lies the beauty of the pool. It acts as an inviting permission slip of fun and relaxation, nothing more. Unlike your couch that offers a clear view into your kitchen sink piled with dirty dishes and that hamper of dirty clothes on the floor, the pool is like "Hey Girl, slip in and take a weight off. Splash a little, have a laugh and relax. Can I get you a frosty beverage?" The pool gets you, it understands you, and it just wants to remind you that doing nothing is actually quite good for your weary soul.


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Tell me, have you learned any deep life lessons from the pool this summer?

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