Like Mother, Like Daughter: A Tale of Genes and Jeans

Workin' what my mama gave me.

I remember driving with my mom when I was a little girl (ya know, back when kids were allowed to sit in the front seat). I wasn’t tall enough yet to see out the window so I’d study the car, study my mom, and often, study her hands.

I had a long history of staring at my mom’s hands. She was a piano teacher and I always enjoyed watching her hands dance on the 88 keys of our grand piano with purpose and ease. And while her hands always amazed me, I always thought they were ugly.

“Mommy, I hope I don’t have ugly hands like you when I grow up,” I said. First of all, OMG I know. How dare I! My mom held my hand, took a quick glance down, and said with a smile, “Honey, I had hands just like you when I was young.” How could that be? My hands looked nothing like hers. I couldn’t see my veins or really anything beyond the 6 freckles I counted on my hands.

As I started to develop into a young woman, I, like so many of us, compared my body with the models of Teen, Sassy, and Seventeen Magazine. My body looked nothing like theirs. I had a freakishly long torso, short legs, small waist and very ample behind. Long before bootylicious booties were all the rage, there was just me and my hard to shop for body. The only person who understood was my mom. She understood because it was her body too.

We were women with hips, bodacious booties and short legs. We shared more than the same hands.

As I continue to grow more comfortable with my body each year, I’m coming to understand, appreciate, and better dress my body. No longer do I have to tailor my jeans or buy sizes that are too large just to fit my curves, Levi’s has embraced my shape with two styles (Mid Rise Skinny & Demi Curve) in a variety of washes and shades.

Thank you Levi’s for the gift of good looking, great fitting jeans no matter the genes.

A big thanks to Levi’s for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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