12 Outdoor Toys That Won't Break the Bank

Winter is over! Ahhhh! (That was a big sigh of relief.) As much as I love the change in seasons, and gladly welcome winter when it comes, nothing gets me more excited than Spring. The kids play outside, fresh air permeates throughout the house, the trees are covered in blossoms and I get to hear lawn mowers running early in the morning. I love it. That means the grass is growing and all will be green soon.

Neighbor kids start knocking on doors, laughter fills the streets and dirt lines my kitchen floor from little shoes coming in and out the revolving door. I’m okay with the dirt when it means my kids are outside having a good time.

My husband de-junked the garage last weekend. All the toys that have been cluttering the corners have found their beloved space outside.

We have a few favorite toys that make it out every year that seem to trump video games and the computer. What parent doesn’t love that? The kids are always happy to see their long lost “friends.” I’m always happy to send them out to play and then send them to the shower and watch them drop in their beds from exhaustion at night.

There are lots of things we can do with our kids outside. Here is a list of outdoor toys that are great for toddlers.

Here are 12 of our favorite outdoor toys (that won’t break the bank)…

  • Ogosport Super Disk 1 of 12
    Ogosport Super Disk
    These mini disks have been so popular at our house. The net is similar to a trampoline net, and the cushy little ball is a lot of fun to toss in the air with the disks. My kids spend a lot of time playing with these, we are really happy we made this purchase.
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  • Basketball Hoop 2 of 12
    Basketball Hoop
    We have a basketball hoop like this in our driveway that gets lots and lots of attention. It's perfect for growing kids, because it adjusts and provides lots of entertainment, even for the neighbors.
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  • Skateboards 3 of 12
    Skateboards have been used as sleds down the driveway when there wasn't any snow and it is challenging enough for the kid who likes to try new things. The kneepads are definitely a good idea with this one.
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  • Baseball Bats & Balls 4 of 12
    Baseball Bats & Balls
    Kids love to run around and whack things don't they? Baseball helps them do that productively! My daughter and son both love to take turns hitting the ball. It's always a good time when they pull these out.
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  • Baseball Net 5 of 12
    Baseball Net
    Your kids don't have to be aspiring baseball players to enjoy this pitch-back net. Kids love to throw balls at it and then try to catch them. They run all over the place chasing the balls!
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  • Slip-N-Slide 6 of 12
    When temperatures rise, this Slip-N-Slide gets pulled out. It's a great way to cool off and lots of fun!
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  • Soccer Net 7 of 12
    Soccer Net
    Do your kids like to kick? Give them a goal! Having a net for them to shoot the ball in is a lot of fun and it's great exercise for them too.
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  • Sidewalk Chalk 8 of 12
    Sidewalk Chalk
    Want to encourage your budding artists to practice their skills but also enjoy the sunlight? Sidewalk chalk is a MUST! No matter what age, it's always a popular option.
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  • Lawn Mower 9 of 12
    Lawn Mower
    The kids love to mimc their dad and push this all over the yard, it blows bubbles and allows them to feel like big helpers!
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  • Sprinkler Toys 10 of 12
    Sprinkler Toys
    Similar to the Slip-N-Slide, these fun rings and attachments for the hose are great for a hot day. They are inexpensive and an easy way to entertain lots of kids.
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  • Sand Toys 11 of 12
    Sand Toys
    Kids love dirt and sand. I love them to help me with the weeding and garden, so these toys serve a dual purpose at our house. The dump truck comes in handy when they need to transport the weeds they've just pulled, or the rocks they've just collected.
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  • Scooters 12 of 12
    We love our scooters! The kids sometimes have to pry my old body off them, because I have just as much fun on them as they do. We are really happy we invested in these.
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What are your kids favorite outdoor toys?


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