Little Girl’s Hilariously Angry Letter to Parents from Summer Camp

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Melissa Christo joked that her cousin’s daughter, who penned an angsty note to her parents from camp about how she was “going to murder you guys when I get home,” was similar to sullen Wednesday Addams (left) in the film Addams Family Values. Imaeg source: Paramount Pictures

Some kids write gushing thank-you notes home from sleep-away camp; others brag about their exploits. What Panama City, Fla., mom Carrie received from her 12-year-old daughter Bailee was decidedly more, uh, dark.

“I am going to murder you guys when I get home well you mom because you did this to me,” the preteen wrote in the letter, which Carrie’s relative Melissa Christo posted Wednesday on Reddit with the headline: “My Cousin dropped her daughter off at summer camp a few days ago. This is the first letter she sent home.”

Image source: Imgur/ForeverClumsy
Image source: Imgur/ForeverClumsy

The note — written during the beginning of Bailee’s weeklong stay in July at a camp in Birmingham, Ala. — continues, “We had to take a stupid swim test I know you said I would love it but I will never it is terrible. luv ya and please ask me next time so you don’t waste 700 dollars on me.“

Christo tells Yahoo Parenting that as soon as she saw the note, she cracked up, thinking it was karma. “Carrie, growing up, was always kinda bratty,” explains the Redditor, who posts on the site under the name ForeverClumsy. “And when she sent this note to me in a text message, I was like, ‘Oh, my God, she’s so your kid! That is totally something that you would do.’”

And when one commenter compared the young author to Christina Ricci’s Wednesday character in Addams Family Values at camp, Christo confirmed the likeness: “Haha yes! She is the Wednesday of summer camp.”

The angry note was typical Bailee, mom Carrie admits. “It is not out of character for her to express herself like that,” she tells Yahoo Parenting. “Although it was the first time she threatened to murder me, us. But it didn’t bother me at all that she was miserable. Misery builds character. My reaction was actually that I wish she could stay at the camp for a month.”

Carrie had anticipated that her daughter would go through an adjustment period, since it was Bailee’s first time at sleep-away camp. “I think that’s why she was so hesitant about going,” says the mom, who admits that the bolded “luv ya” at the end made her chuckle. “But I knew she was perfectly fine if having to take a swim test was the worst thing she could think to tell me.”

The mother actually wanted Bailee to feel tested by the experience. “We sent her with the hope that she would learn she is more independent than she thinks, and we wanted to put her outside her comfort zone,” Carrie explains. “We also wanted her to make new friends apart from school.”

Even though her note was harsh, Bailee has happily reunited with her parents since camp ended in mid-July. “No, she did not murder us when she got home,” jokes Carrie. “We are alive and well!”

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