Long Term Effects of Smoking Around Kids

Growing up my dad smoked in our house. For as long as I could remember, he smoked around both my sister and I. Later in life I would have chronic bronchitis that I would only later learn was most likely caused by that long term exposure to cigarette smoking.

And when I say long term, I mean that for at least a good ten year stretch of my life, I would get bronchitis 1-2 times per year. That debilitating kind that lasts a full month and never seems to go away for at least six weeks. You know the one. Characterized by that sad, barking seal kind of cough.

Once I moved out of my parents’ house, the bronchitis slowly started to go away and now after having living on my own for almost 15 years, I can happily say that I haven’t had a reoccurrence in about ten years.

Today, I have three children of my own. My husband is a closet smoker. One of those guys who can never fully say that he is a full-fledged smoker for a few reasons. One, he doesn’t ever smoke around the children (in fact, I am not certain if they have ever even seen him smoking) and two, he is not a pack-a-day smoker. He smokes sporadically and some days, not at all. The guy can’t commit.

I recently read this article about smoking

Ashes to ashes: Kids suffer when parents smoke

The article said, “Children exposed to their parents’ cigarette smoke are at greater risk of suffering serious cardiovascular health problems later in life, a study showed Wednesday…It found that those exposed to passive smoke as youngsters have less elasticity in their arteries, an indicator of poor cardiovascular health.”

This really concerns me because we do have arguments about his smoking. He thinks that because he does not smoke in front of the kids that they are not affected. He clearly does not understand the concept of secondhand smoke.

Smoke stays in your clothing. Smoke affects all of those around you and people can smell even when you cannot.

I would never dream of offering my children a cigarette to smoke but apparently smoking around your kids is pretty much the same thing.

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