Loose Teeth are Gross and Other Dental Observations

The last photo of a certain tooth.

Give me the option between a loaded diaper from Vivi or watching Addie play with a dangerously loose tooth with her tongue? I’ll take the diaper thank you. I remember being fascinated with loose teeth as a kid, maybe because it meant the tooth fairy was coming or that you could go into school with a giant blank mouth space of courage…whatever the reason was I’ve since forgotten about it and now dread these six words.


It’s not even as though I’ve dealt with a whole lot of the little suckers. She’s only lost two and I was half a continent away when she lost one of them. But sure enough she proclaimed that yet another one was loose and of course made me FEEL IT as soon as we got home. Here’s an interesting little fact, one of the most common nightmares I have is one where all of my teeth just fall out. For no reason. My first thought is always “Oh great, we don’t have insurance, how am I going to pay for this?” and my second thought is how gross it is to spit them all out and feel nothing but gum left behind.

I never had to have braces but I had dental trauma all my own. I don’t want Addie to have to experience the same thing (in fact she’s going to the dentist next week, fingers crossed.) So far so good, although one of her new teeth is growing in a little funny. When it comes to fairytale jobs I simply couldn’t handle? Tooth Fairy is at the top of the list followed shortly by those guys who sewed the vain emperor’s new clothes, I’m a horrible liar.

As these teeth keep dropping out of Addie’s mouth and working to appear in Vivi’s I can assure you that nothing drives the point home that your child is growing up more than when their teeth start falling out of their head.

How do you handle the dental issues in your family?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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