Two Teef Gone


Addie was eating dinner so I had a hard time believing there could be a whole lot that could end up backwards.

Next thing I knew she was standing in front of me bearing her teeth, one of which was in fact very very backwards.

Her top front teeth have been loose for awhile, I was almost expecting her to be able to sing “All I Want For Christmas” in December with missing chompers.

She has the strangest pattern for growing and losing teeth — two at a time, except for that one time she got all four molars at once. THAT was a fun week. Her front two eye teeth came out within 24 hours of each other. And today she lost her two front teeth within 10 hours of each other.

“MOM! What are they going to say tomorrow at school! MY TOOTH IS BACKWARDS!”

I’ll admit, it was quite the sight, seeing the back of her tooth staring at me from the front of her mouth. I could tell it was just barely hanging onto her gums but I’m not such a fan of loose teeth, so I wasn’t about to pull it unless she asked me to.

I could see her standing there, torn between having a backwards tooth, asking me to pull it out, or pulling it out herself. We’ve watched way too many America’s Funniest Home Videos of creative ways to yank teeth out and I could tell by her face that creativity wasn’t going to fly. She eyed her dinner on the table, her tooth in the mirror, and then me — it was go time.

She reached up into her mouth, winced, and yanked. (In all honesty, I winced too.)

One tiny little squeal later we heard the telltale click of a tooth falling to the floor. She looked at me with big eyes, then looked at herself in the mirror, then found her tooth on the floor. She had done it! She yanked out her own tooth. Girl has guts, I have to give it to her. The tooth fairy came (*bows*) and at seven in the morning I was tapped awake by Addie shrieking that she had pulled out her other tooth as well.

She’s got four missing teeth in her mouth right now, so when she got home I had her sing every song I could think of with ‘S’ and ‘th’ sounds. I’m a little bummed it’s not as entertaining as the stereotype makes it out to be. Just last week Vivi popped out her two top teeth just in time for Addie to lose hers.

February 2012, the toothiest month in our family yet.

Photo Credit: WalknBoston

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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