Make it the Best Year Yet! 12 Family Resolutions for the New Year

The new year is almost upon us and I bet you’re ready to make 2012 the best year ever for your family.

I know I am, but I can’t do it alone.

It’s time for us to join forces with the rad people living in our houses to create resolutions for the entire family! I just know you’ve got big dreams for your family; dreams that go far beyond putting dirty clothes in the hamper (although that would be nice too). 

With a little teamwork and planning, we’ve got 2012 in the bag!

Not sure where to start? Have no fear; here are a few ideas to get you started!


  • Schedule regular family meetings 1 of 12
    Schedule regular family meetings
    Like you don't have enough to schedule, right? Listen, family meetings don't have to be a chore. Make them fun with plenty of road snacks and a silly hat that gets passed around. Why a silly hat? Why NOT a silly hat? Worn by whoever has floor to speak, the silly hat keeps family meetings lively and ensures everyone has an opportunity to speak. It's amazing how this proactive approach to parenting can bring you closer together.
  • Do good for the earth 2 of 12
    Do good for the earth
    Whether you choose to plant some trees, volunteer your efforts for an environmental clean up or lessen your family's carbon footprint; create an action plan and do good; together.
  • Get your game on 3 of 12
    Get your game on
    A little healthy competition is great for strengthening the family tie. Unplug the family and plan a weekly game night! Let the good times roll!
  • Go on regular date nights 4 of 12
    Go on regular date nights
    I know, easier said than done. Working on your marriage or partnership is one of the greatest things you can do for the overall health of your family. For tips and tricks on bringing back the oo la la, visit Project Marriage!
  • Take care 5 of 12
    Take care
    Feeling good and taking care of your loved ones is big time important stuff. There is no greater blessing than a healthy family.
  • Gather ’round the table 6 of 12
    Gather 'round the table
    Ah, family dinners; so simple, yet so hard to execute. Planning even one weekly family meal will strengthen your family bond and become the stuff of cherished family memories.
  • Get moving! 7 of 12
    Get moving!
    Get outside with your family and get active. It's good for your body and great for your spirit.
  • Set family goals 8 of 12
    Set family goals
    What's gonna work? Teamwork! Set a few family goals for the coming year and work together to make them happen!
  • Plant a garden 9 of 12
    Plant a garden
    There's something about getting your hands dirty that makes you appreciate the glory of nature. Planting a garden with your children is wonderful way to reinforce the importance of caring for the earth and healthy eating.
  • Strengthen your family’s belief system 10 of 12
    Strengthen your family's belief system
    Whatever your family believes, give your family the gift of a spiritual boost in the coming year. The family that prays together stays together.
  • Create a family emergency plan 11 of 12
    Create a family emergency plan
    I know this one seems like a major yawn but in the event of an emergency, your family emergency plan might just save a life. To get started, check out these 5 Steps for Protecting Your Children in an Emergency.
  • Make your family a team 12 of 12
    Make your family a team
    It's easier than you think to create a team atmosphere in your home. Check out Making Your Family a Team for creative ideas and helpful tips.

Have any family resolutions to share?

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