Makeup and Little Girls: What Message Are We Sending?

little girls and makeup, makeup, preschoolers and makeup, As we stood in line, waiting for our turn with Santa yesterday, I watched a woman apply full makeup to her 6 year old.

Blush, eye shadow, and a finale of red lip gloss.

To see Santa.

And as I stood there, all I could think was how wrong it felt.

When I Facebooked what I had seen, my friend Emily Bilbrey replied with a comment that summarizes how I felt perfectly…

the worst part is, that kid is going to grow up thinking (being told) that she needs the makeup to look pretty. absolutely ridiculous! i can’t imagine putting an idea like that into my daughter’s head. ):

That’s exactly it.

Earlier this year, before my daughter’s ballet recital, I wrote about the message that I feel we send our daughters when we put makeup on them.

To avoid being washed out under harsh stage lighting or as preparation to visit to Santa…what are we teaching our daughters?

Then, today, I saw this video that serves as an excellent example of how we might be encouraging our daughters to act older than they are.

Whether we apply the makeup or videotape them acting like adults*, what message are we sending them?

I’d love to know what your thoughts are.

At what age should girls be allowed to wear makeup?

Do you allow it under certain circumstances and not others?

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*Though I do realize that the video was meant to be light hearted and the little girl is super cute, I feel that the video is representative of a larger problem.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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