Making an Epic Fort & 11 Other Things That Prove You Had a Great Childhood

12 Things That Prove You Had a Great Childhood via Babble.comWhen I think back about my childhood, I always seem to have a smile on my face. I have a lot of great memories of growing up with my brothers and sister and all the fun things we used to do.

We made up games like fight in the night and cow poop (don’t ask) and my parents always seemed to have something fun in store for us. We used our imagination a lot and it served us quite well.

We also did a lot of the typical kid things like building forts, getting dirty in the mud after a big rainstorm and some other typical kid things that we don’t often revisit when we’re old and have kids of our own.

I want my kids to think back when they are older and realize just how much fun it was to be a kid and I want them to experience some of the awesome that contributed to my childhood being as great at it was.

Click through to see 12 things that prove you had a great childhood:

  • You Played This Game 1 of 12
    You Played This Game
    Do you remember MASH?! What kid of house you would live in, who you would marry, your career, your cars and how many kids you would have? So.Much.Fun!
    Photo credit: Pleated-Jeans
  • You Did This 2 of 12
    You Did This
    I didn't do a lot of this in my childhood because I have always been iffy of climbing, but I know so many who did!
    Photo credit: Pleated-Jeans
  • You Believed This 3 of 12
    You Believed This
    My kids are now just getting into this game and it's especially fun at the mall where we have different meanings for the different color tiles.
    Photo credit: Pleated-Jeans
  • You Blew Bubbles 4 of 12
    You Blew Bubbles
    I forgot all about this fun bubble in milk until my kids discovered it a few months ago.
    Photo credit: Pleated-Jeans
  • You Imagined 5 of 12
    You Imagined
    It was always the best after Christmas when all the wrapping paper rolls were empty
    Photo credit: Pleated-Jeans
  • You Drew Like This 6 of 12
    You Drew Like This
    I did! Did you draw suns like this too?
    Photo credit: Pleated-Jeans
  • You Built Epically 7 of 12
    You Built Epically
    I love me an epically built couch fort & we used to build them all the time when I was younger. I need to get a couch that has removable cushions for my kids!
    Photo credit: Pleated-Jeans
  • You Tried New Things 8 of 12
    You Tried New Things
    My kids haven't quite figured this one out but I love to make them think I am magic when I show this one off.
    Photo credit: Pleated-Jeans
  • You Loved New Things 9 of 12
    You Loved New Things
    There was always something awesome about wearing your shoes out of the store and putting your old shoes in the new box.
    Photo credit: Pleated-Jeans
  • You Predicted The Future 10 of 12
    You Predicted The Future
    I can still remember how to fold these puppies. I loved this game when I was younger!
    Photo credit: Pleated-Jeans
  • You Played With Your Food 11 of 12
    You Played With Your Food
    I think it's kind of fun to play with your food, even though it's table rule for many to not do it. Do you remember how fun it was when you were a kid?
    Photo credit: Pleated-Jeans
  • You Glided 12 of 12
    You Glided
    This is my house right now. My kids will pop on one sock (so their other foot can stop when they need to) and pretend to ice skate along the living room floors.
    Photo credit: Pleated-Jeans

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