Making Chores Fun For Kids: 8 Ways to Turn Simple Tasks Into Games

mowingDoes your child help out around the house?

Most people agree that having children help is a great idea — it gives the child responsibility, ownership, and boosts self-esteem, as well as helping parents to keep the house in order.

As anyone knows, however, the benefits of chores are hard to see when you’ve made your bed, taken out the trash, or swept up the kitchen floor day after day. Whatever your child’s chores are, sometimes it can help to switch things up a bit and make chores … well, fun!

That’s right. Fun.

Click through for some great ideas that will have your child begging to do fun chores.  (Almost.)

  • White Socks 1 of 8
    White Socks
    Who says that the white glove treatment is the way to go? Put a pair of mismatched or old white socks on your child's hands and have him walk around wiping surfaces! Your child will think it's hilarious (Socks on hands?! Who does that?), and you can turn it into a fun game: Which hand will gather more dust? Place your bets!
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  • Match Game 2 of 8
    Match Game
    When the laundry's done, have your child match as many socks as possible in five minutes. When the timer goes off, count all the matched pairs together! Keep a note of each time to see if they can beat their record.
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  • Dishwasher Dash 3 of 8
    Dishwasher Dash
    Unloading the dishwasher can be fun (well, more fun) if you are attempting to go for the world record — or the family record. Once the dishes are dry and have cooled off, can your toddler sort the forks and spoons before you unload the glasses? For kids 10 and older, try too see who can pile the clean plates the highest? (And then mom or dad can easily put them away!)
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  • Recycling Run 4 of 8
    Recycling Run
    Great for siblings! Have them race-walk down the hall (or out the door!) to see who can get to the recycling bin fastest — without dropping anything! Younger kids can join the fun by sorting plastic containers and newspapers to prepare for
    the recycling.
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  • Princess Plant Care 5 of 8
    Princess Plant Care
    Did you know plants need to be sung to while being watered? Have your kids sing songs like Cinderella while watering plants for a true royal treatment!
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  • Vocal Vacuum 6 of 8
    Vocal Vacuum
    Now that we're in a singing mood, why not have your kid vacuum and see if you can sing over it? It's you against the vacuum! (The vacuuming doesn't stop until the song is over. Brush up on your arias!)
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  • Hoop Dreams 7 of 8
    Hoop Dreams
    Ask your kid to pick up the laundry strewn around his room and see if he can make the laundry basket! Two points!
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  • Stuffed Toy Line-up 8 of 8
    Stuffed Toy Line-up
    Why not have your child organize the stuffed toys all in a row according to: height, color, or from a category such as "Most Favorite" to "You're Heading to Goodwill." The result is a tidier room!
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