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My post topic Manscaping My Kid ignited quite a discussion in a forum that I belong to. Honestly, it was not a topic that I thought would be well received. I thought that their might be some women who really looked down upon grooming your kids before their teenage years or even helping them at all in this area.

However, in fact it was quite the opposite.

Here is what mothers had to say about grooming their children:

I’d totally do my son’s eyebrows. Why wouldn’t I? We’ve all seen that dude and/or chick who was in bad need of a waxing and you didn’t want to be the one who had to tell them. Why would I make one of my kids THAT guy?…I started shaving when I was five. I have very dark hair and other kids would make comments. I taught myself because I was too scared to say something to my mom. My daughter has been blessed with blonde leg hair but it’s there. I’m just glad no one can really see it. ~Amy

I soooo would  “groom” my kids. Boys and girls. I think teaching them young is a good habit for them to learn. See, I think it’s kinda like having a booger or something. I would tell my kid that they needed to get the booger out because it looks gross. Nothing wrong with the kid, just the booger. Same with unnecessary body hair. Men shave out of preference so I would explain that they could choose what they would like to do when they get older, but the choice would always be theirs. ~Desiree

Absolutely! My 6yo is starting to grow a ‘stache (no joke!) and I’m planning to shave it for him soon. My 14yo started shaving when he was 12! ~Kelly

I think it is SUCH A SLIPPERY Slope– once you start “changing your kids” even with something as innocent as a waxing or a nairing it’s like opening a Pandora’s box. I also think you are –subtly through your actions saying to your kid– there is something not right about you- you need to change- and then you are putting this inot their consciousness and it is likely a deficit they will internalize and carry with them into adulthood. All that being said if your kid is getting bullied or comes to you and says, hey mama I really want to get rid of my funny looking eyebrow well then I would consider it… BUT NEVER BREAST IMPLANTS!” ~Melissa

Even in high school my mom wouldn’t let me shave my legs. I cannot express to you the kind of torment I went through because of it… So yes, within reason. ~R

I would totally take my daughter to get her eyebrows done. I’d also let her get a bikini wax when she needed it ~Theresa

I would wait until the child requested it. Once you start waxing or shaving you’re in it for the long haul. I wouldn’t let my daughter’s shave their legs until age 12/13. Both have fair hair and I waited until summertime when needed to shave their legs. ~Jill

I recently took my oldest to get her eyebrows done and she’s 12. I’ll do the same for my youngest if she requests it. The lady that does my brows said the youngest she worked on was 5 and that was because the little girl had a unibrow and was made fun of. ~Amelia

I would. But I grew up in the South and it makes a difference. We are raised to be pretty. And it’s a fight amongst women to be prettiest and our Mommas start us young.

I’ve been shaving since I was in 4th grade. My youngest has a uni and I don’t have it waxed. I have a facial hair trimmer that I use because he was self-conscious of it. I want to shave his ‘Stache but he won’t let me. He strokes it when he’s thinking.

So yes, but only if they mention. Unless it was really bad. ~Lisa

I taught my stepson how to tweeze between his brows when he was around 11. I think once they are old enough to be aware of it… and when it’s something like a unibrow… you are good. I wouldn’t bring their attention to it… but once they are aware and want to do something about it… I’m all for teaching them how to take care of it.  ~Tania


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