Mayhem and Her Paper Dresses Cause Instagram Mayhem

Unless you’ve been living under a social media rock for the past 24 hours, chances are that you’ve seen the absolutely adorable “Mayhem” and her paper dresses. After watching her daughter play dress up with everything possible, Angie (Mayhem’s mother) suggested that they use paper, finding materials and items around the house. For the past year, the mom and daughter duo have copied celebrity dresses, Disney princesses, even iconic gowns — all made with paper. Thanks to a feature on Mommy Shorts, Angie & “Mayhem”  have catapulted in popularity from 1200 Instagram followers to over 123,000 in just 24 hours.

As I flip through Angie’s account, I am simply blown away. Mayhem is adorable but more importantly, I am floored with the creativity and time taken each day to create these outfits. Angie claims she’s not fashionable, but she definitely has a way with manipulating materials. I try to imagine myself sitting in my living room with my destruction-craving 4-year-old boy and I just laugh. NO WAY would this happen in our house but gosh, I am so glad it happens in Angie’s so we can all enjoy the magic.

  • Elsa in Frozen 1 of 7

    Favorite Elsa dress sold out online? Just make one like Mayhem!

  • Mayhem brings home the gold. 2 of 7

    USA! USA! USA!

  • Mayhem as Taylor Swift 3 of 7

    She nails it. This might be my favorite Mayhem picture yet.

  • Mulan 4 of 7

    I love how they even work with the hairstyle!

  • Anna from Frozen 5 of 7

    She makes the perfect Anna - spunky, quirky, and beautiful.

  • Mayhem hits the high notes 6 of 7

    As Katy Perry's 2014 Grammy dress.

  • Mayhem does the catwalk. Yeah. 7 of 7

    She even does high fashion. (I'm dying to know how long this one took to make!)


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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