Confession: My Family Is Not Obsessed with Frozen. Are We Weird?

My Family Is Not Obsessed with Frozen. Are We Weird? - DadCAMP
I know. You think it’s impossible.

Frozen is the highest grossing animated film of all time. It’s banked more than $1.1 billion dollars. So far.

18 of the top 20 videos on the Disney channel are Frozen related. YouTubers are going viral for doing all sorts of impressions of the Frozen songs. There’s that whole Adele Dazeem thing from the Oscars.

Frozen is the greatest thing in the history of family entertainment. Except our family is not obsessed with Frozen. Go ahead, gasp, I know. Are we weird?

Our family hits the movie theatre a couple of times a month. When the new “family” cartoon / film is released, we’ll go. So over the past few months that has meant popcorn popping at The LEGO Movie, The Nut Job, Sherman and Mr Peabody, Muppets Most Wanted, and .. Frozen.

We can go to Target and walk right past the stack of Frozen DVDs and Blu Rays and not a single “Daaaaaaaaad!” is uttered. The stuffed Olafs seem to sadden as my boys run by to look for a new LEGO toy on the shelves.

I printed off some Frozen colouring sheets for the guys to scribble on over spring break and they scribbled away on them, but didn’t ask to have them framed and hung in their rooms. It was fun, they enjoyed it, and then moved on. There was no OMG moment.

So Frozen fever has not gripped my family. While many father friends have praised the film as fantastic, I’m not those very good looking parents lip synching to Frozen while not properly wearing seatbelts.

To be honest, it’s almost reached a point where I have Frozen-obsession-envy. As we approach a Frozen filled summer where kids are still asking each other if they want to build a snowman through song, I wonder – are we the only ones that don’t know the words?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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