Meeting Me In Real Life? 6 Things You May Want to Know About Me First

In one week I will be away from my comfy couch, away from my chaotic children and out of my beloved Canada firmly planted in the awesome New York City.

I am heading to BlogHer again this year (thanks again to my sponsor of 3 years) where I will meet and mingle and catch up with some great friends who just live too far away. Some I will be meeting for the first time (like all the important peoples at Babble) and some of you I will be all “fan-girl” with as I get to meet the faces behind some of my favorite writers.

It’s nerve-racking to me because I have a worry that people build up this weird expectation about people and when they meet them face to face, it just gets weird. I am not shy about my dorkiness — I embrace it and all my other quirks, but I do feel the need to warn you about a few of them ahead of time.

Click through to read 6 things about me that you will be better off knowing before meeting me IRL:

  • I Am Not A Comfortable Hugger 1 of 6
    I Am Not A Comfortable Hugger
    I have a weird thing about space bubbles and am not naturally a hugger. If you come at me with one, I will reciprocate, but it will be awkward. When we get to know each other better I will tell you to not hug me, but you as a friend will keep doing it to make me uncomfortable.
  • I’m Not Ignoring You 2 of 6
    I'm Not Ignoring You
    If you call my name or talk to me without your face at me and I look like a snob not listening -- I just can't hear you. I have terrible ears & often need to see lips to hear (tv always has closed captioning on)
  • I Feel ‘Naked’ Without My Kids 3 of 6
    I Feel 'Naked' Without My Kids
    It's so rare that I am not with them... or my husband. If you see me without my kids and I don't know where to put my hands, it's because I am used to holding one or two and pushing a stroller. I'm awkward without them.
  • I Have Neurological Vertigo 4 of 6
    I Have Neurological Vertigo
    If you see me in a large room with flouresent lights in the middle of the day and I am swaying like a drunk person, I am not (probably). I have a neurological condition that is worsened with lights (which is why you may see me often with sunglasses)
  • Yes, I Am Married With No Wedding Ring 5 of 6
    Yes, I Am Married With No Wedding Ring
    A month ago I lost my wedding rings. I feel terrible about it, so if you see me without them and think I am trying to pull one on my husband, I'm not.
  • I Am Terrible At Talking About Me 6 of 6
    I Am Terrible At Talking About Me
    I am the worst at talking about me. If you ask me how I am you will get the generic 'ok'. If you ask me to tell you about me, I freeze.

:: What is something I should know about you? ::

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