Mom Confession: I Forgot My Kid's Homework

I feel like complete crap today. As you know JD started Kindergarten last week, then promptly got Strep throat and missed two days. Now that he’s attending full-time school he has mandatory homework. The homework is set out in a BRIGHT blue folder with his name on it. Every night I’m supposed to take the folder home, do homework with my child and then return the folder the next morning. Guess who forgot to do this yesterday at pick-up? Me. So …

This morning as I watched two moms place the blue folders back in the bin, my stomach dropped. We’re only week 2 into Kindergarten and I’ve managed to screw this up! I felt so ashamed—and bad for JD who is so enthusiastic about school and learning. We should have been doing homework last night, but it didn’t even occur to me! What is wrong with me?

We ate dinner, played, bathed, Uncle Bri came over with his friend (a whole other blog in itself—so stay tuned), read and went to sleep—well, I watched Parenthood and cried when Haddie went to college.

This morning, I looked both ways and took the homework sheet out of the folder. I wanted to sit and do the simple worksheet with JD, but I knew I’d be late for work. I took it with me and left the empty folder, kissed JD and walked away in shame. Tonight we’ll do double homework. I will not forget the blue folder. I wrote HW JD on my hand. I did. I’m also drilling into JD’s head that he needs to put the folder in his backpack. I think giving him this responsibility will be good for him … for us.

Have any school bloopers yet? Please share!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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