Mom Confession: I Suck At Halloween

JD was born in August, so he celebrated his first Halloween in 2007. I wanted to dress him up as a pea pod or a lamb, but because I was still hormonal and easing into single motherhood and unpacking my new apartment, I found myself in Babies ‘R Us the day before Halloween with a red Devil costume in my hands. Swell.

My Italian-Catholic family was like, “Why the hell did you dress this precious angel up as a devil!!!!! What is wrong with you?” Whatever. I was still having twinges of pain from my c-section and had weird energy, not depression.

Cut me a break.

Actually, no, don’t cut me a break. I’ve been sucking at Halloween since I became a mother. 

Halloween 2008: I dressed JD up as a train conductor because he was obsessed with trains and got his train table that Christmas. I couldn’t find his size, he was 1, so I just bought the smallest I could find and thought, I’ll have someone tailor this. I was back to work full-time at the magazine and JD was in full-time daycare. Yeah, I ended up rolling up the pants (see image for proof) and safety pinning the suspender straps. Go me.

Trick or treating: We didn’t go. He was 1.

Halloween 2009: I didn’t get JD a costume. He was still into trains. He had no recollection he was a train conductor the previous year, so he re-wore his costume sans hat because hat was MIA. Shameless. Wait, by the looks of this pic, maybe he WAS pissed.

Trick or treating: We didn’t go. It was damp and rainy. But, we did have a fun time at his school’s Halloween parade and party.

Halloween 2010: JD was fully obsessed with Disney’s Cars and all things Lightening McQueen. We went to the Disney store. The costume was sold out (again, I’m awesome at Halloween), so I bought him a cheapo jumpsuit and checkered hat that claimed to be a race car driver costume on some mega Halloween website.

Trick or Treating: WE WENT TRICK OR TREATING with Amy, Ed, Lily and the rest of the lake crew. Ed drank beer from a travel coffee mug the entire time (fantastic). We ordered pizza and ate cupcakes, too! Awesome time!!

Halloween 2011: There was a blizzard last year around Halloween in NJ. Luckily, I bought JD a super warm costume from Old Navy when I was there buying myself wide-leg trousers. He was surprisingly excited about his fuzzy dragon costume. My brothers claimed his costume was for a girl. “It has wings,” they both said. In unison. He looked adorable.

Trick or Treating: Halloween fell on a work day last year. There was snow and ice on the ground. My dad took JD around his neighborhood and then we all had dinner at Positano in Wayne.

Halloween 2012: Happy to report JD picked out a Spiderman costume 2 (I said 2!!!!) weeks ago. He tried the costume on in the store. It fits. I took off work since Halloween is on a Wednesday. I’m going to Amy and Ed’s. It’s on. I want a beer coffee travel cup, Ed. (Get our fave: Cherry Wheat.)

  • Halloween 2007 1 of 6
    Halloween 2007
    Lil Devil!
  • Halloween 2008 2 of 6
    Halloween 2008
    Train Conductor costume didn't fit. Whoops!
  • Halloween 2009 3 of 6
    Halloween 2009
    Repurposed costume from 2008 sans hat. Whoops!
  • Halloween 2010 4 of 6
    Halloween 2010
    Race car driver boy!
  • Halloween 2011 5 of 6
    Halloween 2011
    Cutest dragon ever via Old Navy
  • Halloween 2012 6 of 6
    Halloween 2012
    Here comes ... Spiderman!

Share your Halloween stories! What are your kids being? Do you dress up?  Mommy Friend wonders: Do Halloween Costumes Have To Be Such A Big Deal? 

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