Mom Confession: I’ve Sent My Sick Kid to School

Go ahead, crucify me: I’ve sent my sick kid to school.

There was a time, not so long ago that my son was bringing home any and every germy virus ever mutated. I suppose it was to be expected since preschool is a veritable breeding ground for nastiness, but seriously, he was sick all the time.

At that time I was working outside the home and I can tell you that employers are only sensitive about sick kids for so long. I know sending a sick kid to school is totally against the mom code but my son wouldn’t have been ill nearly as often had other parents kept their sick children at home. Aaaand since they didn’t, I didn’t either. If he brought the illness home from school, he could take the illness back to school.

Ugh, I know that sounded really bad. But it’s how I felt at the time.

Now listen, I obviously never sent my son to school with a fever or festering scabs, but yellow and green snot? Yeah, I’ve done that. Lingering cough? Yeah, I’ve done that too. Hey, I’m not proud about my mommy wrongdoings but as a WOHM, desperate times called for desperate measures and uncomfortable compromises by all.

No one is saying it’s OK to send your sick kiddo to school so you can get your hair done, but if your kid is fighting a mild winter cold and your employer is less than understanding, I’m sorta like “eh” about the whole thing. Tough economic times, y’all.

If fellow parents want to blame me for the sniffles their kid came down with while sitting next to my snot-sleeved kid, go ahead. I can tell you that my kid got his flu shot and is up-to-date on his vaccines. I’ll also tell you my kid takes daily vitamins, gets plenty of rest, and eats balanced meals. I’m sorry my kid sneezed on your kid, but snot happens.

Yesterday my fellow blogger, Devan asked Babble readers whether they send their kids to school sick. Even though I know it’s wrong, I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that I do.

Fess up! Have you sent your sick kid to school?

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