Mom Stats: Being A Mom By The Numbers

When I’m not writing about parenting or engaging in parenting activities, I’m a political blogger. As anyone who reads the politics pages knows, no self-respecting political writer can get through a single article without spewing forth incomprehensible statistics like so much pea-soup vomit. Political analyst types luuurrrrvvveeee numbers because it makes us sound smarter.

The occupational hazard of relying on numbers for everything is that I tend to start breaking everything into numeric data points. (I know, don’t you want to invite me to your next cookout and engage me in a deep conversation about polling stats? I’m awesome like that.) In other words, I count stuff in my daily life. I track trends. I analyze sequences. In short, I have turned parenting into an exercise in comparative statistics in order to make some sense of this chaotic responsibility of being a mom.

I broke down the “mom stats” of my usual week for you all, Lego stomping, coffee slurping, and butt-wiping all included. Click through to see how it all plays out!

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    mom stats

    How does mom life break down by the numbers? Click through to find out!

  • Road Warrior 2 of 11

    Number of Miles I Drive Weekly: 125

    Number of Places I Go: 3

    Preschool, Trader Joe's, Target. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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  • Maid Service 3 of 11

    Number of Times I Sweep the Floor: 21

    Percentage of Grocery Budget In Crumbs: 30%

    The dropped Cheerio situation is almost enough to make me consider a dog. Almost.

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  • Short Order Cook 4 of 11

    Percentage of Meals I Prepare: 100%

    Percentage of Meals I Consume Uninterrupted: 0%

    The fork is usually halfway to my mouth when my son asks for more milk.

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  • Potty Time 5 of 11

    My Relative Toilet Usage: 1/3

    My Relative Splattering of Urine Outside the Bowl: 0/3

    My Relative Responsibility for Bathroom Cleaning: 3/3

    I try not to think about this because it makes me angry.

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  • Spa Day 6 of 11

    Number of Finger- and Toenails In My Family: 80

    Number of Finger- and Toenails That I Have To Maintain: 60

    I should just go to cosmetology school and make a living off clipping nails.

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  • Mean Mom 7 of 11

    Number of Legos We Have: A Bazillion

    Number of Times I Am Willing To Step On An Individual Lego Before I Throw It the F*ck Away: 1

    'Nuff said.

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  • Squeaky Clean 8 of 11

    Number of Butts I Have: 1

    Number of Butts I Wipe: 3

    I should buy stock in hand soap. I'd earn my money back and more in no time.

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  • Tube 9 of 11

    DVR Capacity: I dunno. Lots?

    Percentage of DVR Capacity Dedicated to Kids Programs: 80%

    Superhero Squad, anyone? We've got 10 hours of it stored.

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  • Elixir Of Life 10 of 11

    Number of Cups of Coffee I Drink Each Week: 14

    I'd drink more, but I'm so old that drinking coffee after 1pm keeps me awake at night, thus necessitating more coffee that keeps me awake and so on and so forth.

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  • Snuggle Bug 11 of 11

    Number of Hugs I Get: Uncountable

    This is the stat that makes al the others insignificant

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