MOM STRESS! Here Are the Most Stressful Times of Day for Moms

Now that we’ve fully settled in to our fall routines … check that, who am I kidding? The first week we were perfectly planned with lunches made the night before, breakfast cereal and bowls laid out on the kitchen table, and the day’s clothes waiting by the dresser.

The first week of school went like clockwork. Then a weekend got us back to our lazy summer routine, and, to borrow a blog name, our place has been ‘casa de chaos’ ever since.

Were you able to stick to your plan or have you digressed into a morning routine filled with stress? A survey has found the average mother feels stressed at least FIVE times a day while 14% feel stressed at least 10 times a day.

You’ll never guess who brings the most frustration to the home.


Click through to find the most stressful times of day and situations every parent has to deal with.

  • Mom Stress 1 of 11
    Mom Stress! Here are the most stressful times of day for parents

    Click through to find the most stressful times of day and situations every parent has to deal with.

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  • Stress O’Clock 2 of 11

    Stress O'Clock for the average SAHM is 11:56 AM. Right as you realize it's time to make lunch for your little one at home. I'm guessing this is also the same time you see your older kid's lunch still sitting on the counter, after he forgot to bring it to school.

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  • Rise and Shine! 3 of 11

    Second worst time of the day is 8:01 AM. This is the sweet spot in our house. Trying to get out the door to get to school on time, making sure lunches are made, forms are signed, appropriate clothes are on, and more make mornings the worst in our place.

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  • Dinner Time 4 of 11

    The other peak frustration time is 5:30 PM. Wouldn't you know it? Another mealtime presents a stressful stiuation. Making dinner, getting them to eat the dinner, acting like a short order cook for picky palates, all bring the noise for moms (and dads).

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  • Groceries And Kids 5 of 11

    When it comes to other stressful situations, the one moms dread most is grocery shopping with the kids. 35% name that to their stress list. I actually love grocery shopping with our boys. First thing Saturday mornings, we head out and get it done. We practice colors, learn numbers, and play scavenger hunting games. If, however, I skip it and do it later in the day, with everyone in the city, it can be a nightmare.

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  • Chores and Kids 6 of 11

    35% of moms find entertaining kids and getting to the things that need to be done around the house to be stressful. Could this be where a generation of screen addicted kids gets born?

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  • Morning Mayhem 7 of 11

    We already know 8:01 is the second worst time of the day, and 31% of moms say the mayhem of mornings with wake up calls, breakfast, and heading out to school and work is the worst.

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  • Food Fight! 8 of 11

    All the mealtimes present challenges, and 28% of moms are not fans of the fights over getting kids to eat their food.

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  • More Food Figths 9 of 11

    Nearly a quarter, 24%, get stressed trying to cook for everyone. I can relate to this. As the family chef, I have to deal with a wife who doesn't like sauces or food touching, kids who like the same 4 things, and my own adventurous palate. I admit there have been days where I cooked 4 separate meals, and it sucked.

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  • Spouse Stress 10 of 11

    Then there is the husband. Nearly half of respondents to a TODAY survey rated the stress they experience with their spouse higher than what they have to deal with their kids. On a scale of 1 to 10, moms rated their life stress at 8.5.

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  • Keep Calm 11 of 11

    It's time to chill out people. Don't worry, be happy. Don't sweat the small stuff. Keep calm and call mom. Wait, no, that's the whole problem!

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