Mommy Confession: I Don’t Wear Earrings Anymore

I remember the day that I got my ears pierced. I was twelve years old, I’d begged and pleaded with my parents for months, and finally they took me to a jewelry store in Riverdale.  I remember choosing the studs—I went with the little square ones instead of the gold balls that everyone had—I remember my earlobes getting iced and I remember the earring gun shooting the studs in.

I walked into the jewelry store a girl, I walked out bedazzled.

So it’s a bit of a shock to me that as an adult, I no longer wear earrings.

It’s funny how motherhood changes you. People talk about stretch marks and a weakened pelvic floor (at least I think that’s what they talk about when they mention not being able to sneeze and laugh without a second thought) but for me motherhood changed me in that I no longer wear earrings.

I stopped fourteen years ago, when my daughter was a baby. I would hold her constantly, she was on my hip as I walked around the apartment and she reached, of course she did, for the earring. Why wouldn’t she? It was shiny and it was dangly. Who could blame her? I tried moving her hand away and ducking out of her reach’s path, but eventually I did what I had to do. I took off the earrings. I took them off and put them in my jewelry box and for a while when she’d go down for a nap, I’d put them back on. But that didn’t last. Because mothers are busy enough without the extra on and off that the earrings required. Besides, what? I’d be adorned for the hour that my baby napped? For whose benefit, exactly.

When I went out with my husband, or with friends, sometimes I’d put on earrings, but more often I’d opt not to. Not wearing earrings daily made them heavy on my ears, the pull of their weight an annoyance.

It happened gradually of course, but by the time my daughter, and her brother, who came a few years later, were beyond the tugging stage, I’d given up on the earrings. They were no longer part of my daily routine, I no longer needed them to feel dressed, I just outgrew them. Occasionally I’d try a pair, but the holes in my ears welded together, and I just couldn’t self-pierece the perforation.

A rite of passage of sorts. I gave up earrings when I had kids. And I don’t miss wearing them at all.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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