Adventures In Single Motherhood: Monster Jam At Izod With The Boys

truckJD and I have a cool mother-son relationship—after all, it’s just us. I have no prob doing what society considers traditional, ahem, guy things with my son. I take him to karate, round the bases at Little League and even dig for bugs—dirt in my manicured fingernails and all! Heck yeah!

And JD has come to love my passions, too. We’re both book worms. We frequent museums together, see musicals and do art projects. My kiddo is a real artist and I take pride in the fact that he prob took a liking to this because of me. But these days, I can honestly say, I’ve come to like things I normally wouldn’t because of my lil dude. He opened many doors for me, too.

This past weekend I went to Monster Jam at Izod Center with Uncle Bri, JD and his little friend, Shane. It was loud, smelly, dusty, crowded and noisy—and it was fun! A whole new experience for us all. Seeing JD and Shane (and, um Uncle Bri) run up to the monster trucks and drivers during the Pit Party was adorable. The three of them were like kids in a candy shop.

It was pretty bada*s to see a woman driver standing proudly behind her Quad. “Right on,” I said to her. She smiled. Scarlet Bandit, the pink monster truck, was epic and the color of watermelon … watermelon lip gloss! It was glorious to see little girls running around cheering “Scaaaaaar-LET!” in their tiny fan tees. Show your kids all the Monster Jam trucks here. 

It was wonderful to have Shane along with us, too. Like JD, he’s an only child, but lives with his mom and dad. He has an Uncle Brian too, which JD finds fascinating. I love exposing JD to different types of families and at the same time pointing out similarities. “Shane has an Uncle Bri, too!”

Here’s a look back at our special day! I’ll never forget it. And yes, folks, my ears are still ringing. Vrrroooooooom!!

Take a peek at the Monster Jam Kids Zone. They have printable coloring pages. (JD loves!)

  • We arrive 1 of 11
    We arrive
    JD and Shane were excited to arrive at the Izod center and quickly mimicked the cool decor behind them. Throw your hands in the air, boys!
  • QT with the boys 2 of 11
    QT with the boys
    I popped the signature tire noise-canceling earphones on to get in the spirit!
  • My fave truck 3 of 11
    My fave truck
    There she is—Scarlet Bandit! Pretty 'n Pink!
  • Meeting the drivers 4 of 11
    Meeting the drivers
    Definitely take advantage of the Pit Party so your kids can meet the drivers and see the trucks up close.
  • Pit PARTY! 5 of 11
    Pit PARTY!
    The boys loved getting cars painted on their hands by 2 wacky clowns.
  • Dog lovers 6 of 11
    Dog lovers
    JD and Shane both have dogs, so they loved seeing Monster Mutt!
  • Hands on fun 7 of 11
    Hands on fun
    During the Pit Party, kids are encouraged to climb on the Quads and explore.
  • Say Cheese! 8 of 11
    Say Cheese!
    This silly guy was roaming around taking pictures with the kiddos.
  • Almost showtime! 9 of 11
    Almost showtime!
    Take note, you must protect little and big ears during the show. JD and Shane loved their tire headphones—sold at Monster Jam. Bri and I stuffed pink gooey ear buds in our ears. We were all comfy! Kind of. I jumped every time a truck revved! LOL
  • Talk about MONSTER trucks 10 of 11
    Talk about MONSTER trucks
    The boys went wild when this truck smashed over a row of cars. High fives all around!
  • Half-time show 11 of 11
    Half-time show
    This dino roared with fire and ate this car—JD's favorite part!

Have you ever been to Monster Jam? Do you and your child share interests? Share!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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