More Creative Uses for Easter Peeps

I found so many great ideas for Peeps this Easter that I just had to share more!

Ever thought about using them in a drink?

What about in fondue? Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Check out a few more ideas on what to do with those leftover Peeps this holiday season.

  • Peeps Topiaries 1 of 15
    Peeps Topiaries
    I love how tall and colorful these topiaries are.
    Source: Crafts n Coffee
  • Peeps Fondue 2 of 15
    Peeps Fondue
    Mmmm...chocolate and marshmallows? YUM!
    Source: Whorange
  • Peeps Goodie Bags 3 of 15
    Peeps Goodie Bags
    If your kids are having parties at school, send them in with these goodie bags.
    Source: Live Laugh and Stamp
  • Easter Candy Bark with Peeps 4 of 15
    Easter Candy Bark with Peeps
    I had never heard of Easter Bark but look how cute it is with the Peeps pieces in it. This would make a great gift or a nice treat.
    Source: Cooking Channel
  • Creative Peeps Card 5 of 15
    Creative Peeps Card
    If you give Easter cards to Peeps lovers, consider this card.
    Source: Tip Junkie
  • Peep-ka-Bobs 6 of 15
    A shishkababob of Peeps is so cool! You can put whatever candy you want on it.
    Source: Cooking Channel
  • Peeps Popcorn 7 of 15
    Peeps Popcorn
    I never even considered trying Peeps and popcorn together but my husband and kids assured me that it would be delicious.
    Source: Cupcakes and Parties
  • Peeps Sushi 8 of 15
    Peeps Sushi
    What kid or adult would want Peeps Sushi (no fish involved) or Peep-shi as it was called?
    Source: Serious Eats
  • Peeps Pretzel Rods 9 of 15
    Peeps Pretzel Rods
    These Peeps are chocolate dipped pretzels and look delicious.
    Source: Escape Adulthood
  • Peeps Easter Cake 10 of 15
    Peeps Easter Cake
    Nothing says 'here is your sugar rush for the day' like a cake decorated with M&M's and Peeps.
    Source: Cake Central
  • Peeps Casserole 11 of 15
    Peeps Casserole
    This Peeps casserole has a graham cracker crust and lots of M&M's. It sounds amazing!
    Source: The Party Animal
  • Peeps Smores Trifle 12 of 15
    Peeps Smores Trifle
    This Smores Trifle with the Peeps 'peeping' out would make a great dessert year round.
    Source: The Scrap Shoppe Blog
  • Peeps Flower Centerpiece 13 of 15
    Peeps Flower Centerpiece
    Another simple yet colorful Peeps centerpiece.
    Source: Baer Home Design
  • Peeps Martini 14 of 15
    Peeps Martini
    This Peeps inspired martini both looks and sounds delicious. And marshmallow vodka? YUM!
    Source: She Knows
  • Homemade Peeps Recipe 15 of 15
    Homemade Peeps Recipe
    I couldn't leave you without at least one recipe on how to make your own Peeps. Plus they are so cute!
    Source: A Farm Girl Dabbles


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