Motherhood and Exercise: Do You Have Time?

I’ve been exercising more than ever these days! It’s unfortunate because since Sandy hit, I’ve had a flow of family in and out. I am able to take advantage of the gym at my condo complex since there is usually someone around to watch JD.

As I sit and type this blog, my shins are burning and my abs feel tight. It’s a good kind of pain and for anyone with anxiety, you know that I’m flying high and feeling great. Endorphins!

How do I exercise when I DON’T have child care? Good question. I tried to smuggle JD into the gym at our condo once, but was stopped because little kiddos are not allowed unless they are sleeping in a stroller. I’m actually on board with this. My son would totally drop a weight on his foot or think the stability ball was an object for him to bounce or somersault over. Here’s how I exercise with JD in tow … 

Running! We go to a local high school and hit the fenced-in track. Sometimes JD will do a lap with me, but for the most part he plays on the football field with a ball and his toys. He also rides his bike around the track. Sometimes HS guys hanging around will engage him in catch. It’s cute. But not in a cougar way, in a wow, nice teenage boys exist way. Sniffle.

Dance Party! (Perfect for upcoming cold weather) We have dance parties every night. They happen after dinner and homework, but before bath-time. I blast music via my iPhone through the speakers Uncle Bri hooked up. We sing and go crazy. We dance for a good half-hour. If I have an after-work cocktail (ha) these parties last longer. JD loves them!

Park! We are always at the local park for free fun. JD plays with his friends or random kids he befriends, but we also have ready-set-go races. The park we frequent has a giant field. We run from the bike path to the woods and back. Multiple times. Sometimes I let JD win. Sometimes JD really wins.

Stairs! I park on the lowest level at the mag and climb 4 flights of stairs 3 to 4 days a week. I also take the stairs when I need to run to the mailroom. We live on the third floor of our building. If I don’t have 40 bags of groceries we take the stairs. It’s a good a*s workout.

Free Weights! I do free weights in my room 3 to 4 nights a week when JD is sleeping. It’s relaxing. I store the weights under my bed and JD doesn’t even know they exist.

Ballet moves! I’m Black Swan at the stove. Really. You would die laughing if you saw me doing random plies or grand plies, but it’s real life in my house. Sometimes I stand over JD when he does his homework and bust a ballet move. I also follow the NYC Ballet Workout. 

Alas, nothing beats a solo sweaty workout at the gym with my earbuds in.






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How do you fit exercise in? Share all your ideas moms and dads! 


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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