Motherhood Confession: Things Moms Do That Irritate Me

This whole motherhood thing can be hard. It can feel isolating and that we are the only one struggling with what we are dealing with at the time. The guilt creeps in — we need to talk so we reach out to our fellow moms. Someone we can vent to when we want to get off our chest the latest irritating thing our kid has done. Who’s going to understand better right?

I love chatting to a fellow mom over the stresses of motherhood. Like my sweet friend Lori wrote in her post — A Memo to My Kids — I found myself nodding to every word because dang — I have been there! It’s therapeutic to chat about it.

The pendulum swings both ways though like it does with nearly everything. There are some things that I have seen/heard Moms do that just irritates me. They seem to be things unique to motherhood and as my kids get older and my friends start having children of their own I have really begun to pick out the qualities that really bug me.

Click through for 8 things that moms do that really get under my skin:

  • Open Their Mouth and Brag Falls Out 1 of 8
    Open Their Mouth and Brag Falls Out
    We all know that Mom that during every conversation she has to bring up just how incredibly world-changing her kid is. It is one thing to talk about their accomplishment but when the Mom has conversations that go like this "yeah that's great but Jacob is ..." that the irritation bubbles.
    Image: photostock
  • Open Their Mouth and Tears Come Out 2 of 8
    Open Their Mouth and Tears Come Out
    That mom that always has life SO much harder then you. Even if her idea of 'hard' is that she had to pick up her kids socks off the floor ... again, she will make a mountain out of a molehill.
    Image: graur codrin
  • I Know, I Make This Look Easy 3 of 8
    I Know, I Make This Look Easy
    Ah the Mom who always looks like she has her stuff together. You see her out with her three kids always smiling, always showered and dressed. That's just irritating (because I am jealous).
    Image: Ambro
  • Oh I Know So Much Better Then You 4 of 8
    Oh I Know So Much Better Then You
    At least she likes to think so. Do you know a Mom who always second-guesses the choices you've made for your child or chimes in with her opinion time and again when you didn't ask? Yeah...irritating.
    Image: Keattikorn
  • Oh I Thought You Were Going to Watch My Kid 5 of 8
    Oh I Thought You Were Going to Watch My Kid
    At the playground or the gym there is always one mom who is more engaged in her smartphone or talking to someone else that she misses (or chooses to ignore) her kid being a troublemaker. She never seems to discipline and it just makes things awkward.
    Image: chrisroll
  • My Kid Still Won’t Sleeeeeeeep 6 of 8
    My Kid Still Won't Sleeeeeeeep
    I get the whole 'my kid won't sleep thing' - I do, but I get easily irritated when that is all that the Mom talks about. Kids take time to figure out what works best for them to peacefully fall asleep. The unrealistic expectations are everywhere.
    Image: David Castillo Dominici
  • Ohh My Kid Has Been Sleeping ForEVER 7 of 8
    Ohh My Kid Has Been Sleeping ForEVER
    No one likes a bragger and this one ... people hate. My children were never great sleepers and every time I heard someone brag about how much sleep they got - constantly - irritation would bubble up quickly.
    Image: David Castillo Dominicik
  • Oh You Shouldn’t Do That 8 of 8
    Oh You Shouldn't Do That
    Do you know the mom who chimes in with every single opinion when she wasn't asked. Always saying how she would have or does do it differently? There is no need to play the judgey guilt game in Motherhood.
    Image: photostock

:: What irritates you that other Mothers do? ::

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