Murphy's Law for Parents

Anything that can go wrong...will

We had a bathroom in the home I grew up in that was wallpapered in Murphy’s Law sayings. The previous owners had torn out THOUSANDS of little calendar pages that sported all the different Murphy’s Law sayings they could find and literally pasted them to every inch of the room. I lived in that house 10+ years and my parents never bothered to change the wallpaper. You could say that I’m well versed in Murphy’s Law. If only there were a diploma for that!

Some of you may not be familiar with Murphy’s Law. Wikipedia can help us with that:

Murphy’s law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.

I believe that as a parent, I could plaster an entire gymnasium with Murphy’s Law sayings regarding parenting. Now, since I’m pretty sure there would be no takers on that, I won’t go into the wallpaper business just yet.

For the past few days I’ve been brushing up on my Murphy’s Law bathroom education and paying extra attention to all the funny and crazy ways my life resembles Murphy and his laws.

Click through to read 10 of my own sayings…

  • Sick 1 of 9
    The moment you voice the fact that your children haven't been sick for awhile, is the same moment said children will start sneezing or vomiting.
  • Camera? No Way! 2 of 9
    Camera? No Way!
    Those cute little faces are always smiling and happy until the camera is on and it's time to take their picture.
  • I Have to go Potty 3 of 9
    I Have to go Potty
    Kids never have to use the bathroom until you're at the far end of the store, a half-mile from the closest restroom.
    Photo: Freerangestock
  • Spilt Milk 4 of 9
    Spilt Milk
    The moment you finish mopping the floor or wiping the counter is the same moment someone will splatter a glass of milk or sticky juice everywhere.
    Photo: Freerangestock
  • Ding, Dong! 5 of 9
    Ding, Dong!
    The doorbell only rings as soon as your child has FINALLY fallen asleep after hours of trying to get them that way. And of course it wakes them up.
    Photo: PhotoXpress
  • Wahhhhhh!!! 6 of 9
    The night you declare you are going to bed early is the same night the child (who never wakes up in the night) starts screaming in their sleep from a nightmare.
    Photo: PhotoXpress
  • I Love You Mom 7 of 9
    I Love You Mom
    Little mouths dripping in chocolate only love to hug you when you're wearing a freshly ironed, white shirt.
  • Sorry, Not Today 8 of 9
    Sorry, Not Today
    The cable only goes out the day that you decide to actually watch T.V.
    Photo: PhotoXpress
  • How Did They Find Me? 9 of 9
    How Did They Find Me?
    Kids don't typically care where you are until you've snuck off to use the bathroom by yourself.
    Photo: MorgueFile

And boy-oh-boy the wallpapering could continue! I’m just getting started! Parenting is funny, isn’t it? At least that’s how we should look at it. It definitely has its humorous moments.

Sticky juice on a newly mopped floor and other follies can fill our day so easily and if we don’t laugh about them, then we’ll just spend too much money on tissues and therapy. I opt for laughter!

So, it’s your turn! Any of these ring true at your house? Have any of your own you’d like to add?

Photo: PhotoXpress/ Caption created by me

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