My Child Just Became "That" Kid — The One You Don't Want Your Kid to Play with

My middle child, Zachary, has always been a lovable little fellow. He has an awesome personality and people are naturally drawn to him. He will always, ALWAYS try to make those around him laugh. He also spends 99 percent of his time in his underwear, but, surprisingly, that isn’t what got him in hot water tonight.

He’s always been the more adventurous of our two big boys, and he can usually be counted on to see just how far he can cross the line before getting into trouble. Although it’s sometimes infuriating, it usually just makes us laugh because even when he’s being “bad” he’s still a really good kid. But the past few weeks he’s become a bit of a challenge and we’ve been struggling with setting solid boundaries without squelching his personality.

And then at baseball practice tonight that all went out the window and I ended up taking away all of his “fun” for the foreseeable future.

Tonight he spent the evening playing with the other younger siblings that were hanging around while the big brothers practiced baseball, as they do every practice day. Apparently though, instead of playing on the swings or climbing trees, at some point Zachary decided to impart some knowledge on the other kids.

He showed them what it means to “flip the bird.”

He taught kids to stick up their middle finger, and only their middle finger.

His only saving grace is that, when asked by one of the kids what it means, he said “the f-word” and didn’t actually say the word. He didn’t say it because he knows it’s a word he’s not supposed to say. Unfortunately, he also knows that he’s not supposed to stick up his middle finger, but I guess that seemed like less of a transgression somehow and his crazy little brain thought he could get away with it. A nearby parent heard what was going on and put an end to it, and told my husband, who was coaching at the time, what had been going down.

Needless to say, Zachary didn’t have a very fun evening, and he’s been banned from video games, play dates with his cousins and upcoming baseball practices for the near future. Hopefully his rebellious streak is just a phase and will be over soon. I’m so ready to have the old Zach back.

I’m curious, though. How would you punish your (almost five-year-old) kid if they did something like this? 

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