What My Day Looks Like from A to Z

Who doesn’t love the ABCs? I’m up to my eyeballs in ABCs over here. It comes with the job description. There are ABCs on my fridge, ABCs on my shower door, ABCs in my car, ABCs on all the toys, and the number-one hit in our house right now is the alphabet song that everyone sings to my toddler. So, it only makes sense that I do a play-by-play of my day to our chart-topping song, doesn’t it? It would be way cooler if I could rap it to you in person. Sorry, you’re missing out!

Before I get all jiggy with the ABCs, we need to rewind a bit to the time my husband joked with me and asked me what I do all day at home.

You know, he sort of assumed that I watched TV and ate ice cream because I’m a “stay-at-home” mother. Ha ha ha.  That was funny for about .2 seconds. So, I documented every thing I did the next day. I’m happy to have the proof, for both our sakes. That was a year ago. My life is a little different now that my kids are older and I’m pregnant. I was feeling a documentary-type of day coming on. Yesterday was it. Thanks to my new iphone, I could easily capture the moments of my day. They just so happened to go with the alphabet. Like I said, who doesn’t love the ABCs? Welcome to my day that was yesterday!

  • A is for Alarm 1 of 24
    A is for Alarm
    6:00 a.m, time to get the day started. Really? That's usually what I'm mumbling to myself at this hour. "Please tell me it isn't so!"
  • B is for Bible 2 of 24
    B is for Bible
    So I just started the reading "The Good Book" not long ago. I've never read it from cover to cover and I'm thinking now is a good time to start and hopefully I'll finish before I'm 50 yrs. old. I'm loving Moses! So, I got my reading done for the day while the house was silent.
  • C is for Computer 3 of 24
    C is for Computer
    While I have a second, I check my email and figure out what the day needs to look like.
  • D is for Dressed 4 of 24
    D is for Dressed
    Shower and get dressed while I have a free 10 minutes. Skipped the make-up and hair which I will regret later. I always regret doing that, but never learn! But hey, I'm clean! There's something to be said for that.
  • E is for Early 5 of 24
    E is for Early
    The kids weren't quite ready to start the day. I wake them up and ask them to do "the poster." That way, I'm not barking orders all morning.
  • F is for Food 6 of 24
    F is for Food
    Breakfast comes next! Cheerios, yogurt and fruit for them, egg whites for me because I can't consume any sugar this morning.
  • G is for Glucose Test 7 of 24
    G is for Glucose Test
    G also stands for Gag and Gulp and Grrrrrr. One of my least favorite parts about being pregnant is having to chug this bottle of nasty. I can barely keep it down.
  • H is for Hospital 8 of 24
    H is for Hospital
    We dropped the kids off at school and went to the lab to draw blood. My toddler was a great supporter!
  • I is for Independence 9 of 24
    I is for Independence
    I deal with and ABSURD amount of independence each day from my children. It's tricky sometimes. They all refuse to let me dress them, comb their hair or help them. It's bitter-sweet.
  • J is for Joke? 10 of 24
    J is for Joke?
    I laugh every time I pass this Speed Limit sign on my street. I'm still not sure if it's real or a joke. Ever seen a 23 and a half speed limit sign?
  • K is for Kitchen 11 of 24
    K is for Kitchen
    After the hospital it was time to come home and rush through the house to clean up the tornado that blew through it last night and this morning.
  • L is for Laundry 12 of 24
    L is for Laundry
    Laundry should be a four-letter word in my opinion. There is never an end, no matter how hard I try.
  • M is for Mom Needs to Work 13 of 24
    M is for Mom Needs to Work
    I have a few minutes to sit and work while my little girl watches Elmo on my lap.
  • N is for Not Happy 14 of 24
    N is for Not Happy
    Time to pick up my son from school. Too bad he fell down and scraped his knee when running to the car.
  • O is for Out of Breath 15 of 24
    O is for Out of Breath
    O also stands OH MY GOSH I need to sit down and chill for 5 seconds. I get light-headed when I'm pregnant and I pass out easily. So, "Kids, want me to read you a book?" O also stands for On top of each other. That's story time at our house.
  • P is for Please 16 of 24
    P is for Please
    "Please Mom! I don't want this burrito! It's fat and messy!" P also stands for picking up the carpool from school.
  • Q is for Quick 17 of 24
    Q is for Quick
    Quickly fit in our piano practicing right after school and homework and jobs around the house.
  • R is for Reading 18 of 24
    R is for Reading
    Reading comes next. I guess our house is hot and my son needs his shirt off. It's January, I don't get it either.
  • S is for Snack 19 of 24
    S is for Snack
    Time to fuel those little bodies for the next round of the day.
  • T is for Taxi 20 of 24
    T is for Taxi
    Okay, not really but it can stand for taking kids to their activities. Here we are headed to gymnastics for my daughter.
  • U is for Unbelievably Happy 21 of 24
    U is for Unbelievably Happy
    Everyone is always happy to see Daddy. Especially me. V is for video games. Daddy took care of dinner and showers and p.j's and had some play time with our son while I said hello and walked out the door again.
  • W is for Went to Costco 22 of 24
    W is for Went to Costco
    I quickly loaded up on groceries before the money sucker closed and chugged a bottle of carrot juice for dinner.
  • X is for X-tra 23 of 24
    X is for X-tra
    It's extra late and time for bed, but my son always pleads for extra time to build legos before bed. I think he finally dropped around 9:30.
  • Y & Z 24 of 24
    Y & Z
    Y is for Yes, I am watching Pride and Prejudice at midnight while I compile all these pictures and Z is for Zzzzz's which I'm desperately lacking these days. I finally shut it all down before 1:00 am. 6:00 is going to come quick tomorrow morning...

I’m telling you, writing everything I did that day helped me understand why I’m so tired at night! It’s great to have the evidence!

Have you ever documented the details of your day?


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