My Genuine Salad Surprise

My mom was in town over the weekend and last night as we were out running around she said she had a hankering for a “big yummy salad.” I teased her for a bit, telling her that she was beginning to sound like my crunch sister and she must be getting old if she’s craving salad. She began to tell me about this exotic salad she had on vacation one time, something magical was done to the tomatoes, there were some exotic cheeses in it and it was served with cheese encrusted bread. I had to remind her we were in a small town in Indiana where we don’t really do magical things to our tomatoes aside from grow them and eat them. Just then Addie piped up from the back “My mom had a salad on Thursday! It looked DELICIOUS!”

I love when little kids use enormous adjectives.

Addie was right, in my “research” for this campaign I stopped off at Wendy’s with Addie on Thursday so I could have the new Berry Almond Chicken Salad, and y’all? I was honestly surprised.

We’ve all seen those comparisons, the advertised food next to the actual product from the restaurant. Imagine my surprise when I got my salad and it wasn’t just iceberg lettuce, in fact iceberg wasn’t even the majority. There was spinach! Red leaf! Is that a little radicchio? It is! The blueberries were fat and plump, even better than the ones I had just bought at the grocery store. The strawberries had actually just been cut, they hadn’t even begun to get slimy on the edges. The dressing was made with ingredients I could pronounce and buy in the store and the almonds were delicious! I tried to tell Addie how excited I was about my salad but she’s not quite old enough yet to understand that presentation matters more to grownups than what toy comes with your meal.

My mom mentioned she had wanted to try the Berry Almond Chicken salad so we went back again, part of me was worried that this would be the salad that would let me down, but again! Fresh strawberries! Real lettuce! Tasty cheese! Plump blueberries! It wasn’t just a fluke! Even Addie got in on the salad eating with us, which isn’t incredibly rare for her, but I never thought she’d go for salad over nuggets.

I haven’t been to Wendy’s in a really long time, I’ll admit I went in expecting to be disappointed, but I left pretty darn happy that they carried through in quality on their advertising of their newest Berry Almond Chicken salad addition.

Our salad before we added almonds and dressing


A big thanks to Wendy’s for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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