My Kid is Named after a Marvel Superhero

We were out on a date. Joseph and I weren’t even living together. But somewhere between dessert and the check, the subject of baby names came up.

“If we have a son, I decide the name. If we have a daughter, you decide,” Joseph said.


Well, we got married. And a year later, I was pregnant. A few weeks into my pregnancy, Joseph made sure to remind me of our deal; the one that we made years before.

“Wait…you’re serious?” I asked.

I’ll skip over all of the arguments discussions that followed. Because I really didn’t think that he’d hold me to that promise.

Marriages and relationships are always tested. Agreeing on a baby name…takes that test to a whole other level.

Neither one of us cared if we had a boy or a girl so long as it was healthy. But those first few months before I knew the gender, I was hoping for a girl … just so I would have some control over the name.

It was a few days before my thirtieth birthday when we went in for our sonogram to determine the sex. And when the clinician said we were having a boy, I looked over to Joseph who was smiling, his brown eyes shiny and with a clenched fist, he whispered “Yes!”

I had names in mind like Maximus, Jaxon, Samuel or Luke, but for Joseph there was only one name: Norrin Radd – the real name of the Silver Surfer. I didn’t even who the Silver Surfer was and Joseph was trying to convince me to name my first born child after him.

The Silver Surfer, aka, Norrin Radd, is known as “one the noblest cosmic entities in the universe.” He values freedom and loves all living things. A selfless superhero, the Silver Surfer sacrificed his own life to save his beloved planet. His powers include durability, energy and speed.

When our friends and family asked what names we were thinking of — Joseph would immediately say “Norrin Radd.” No one liked it. And some had a hard time even pronouncing it.

Eventually we compromised. Joseph chose Norrin as the first name and I chose the middle name — Luke (after Luke Skywalker — we’re huge Star Wars fans too).

I was so opposed to my son being named after a comic book superhero, but now I realize, Norrin is the only name that would have ever  suited him — especially the energy and speed part!

How did you decide on your baby names?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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